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  1. At an aggressive pre-flop table, I either raise or fold this preflop. In fact, I mostly adhere to Harrington on Hold'em for the 'normal' part of the decision making process here. If I'm short, I push, otherwise, usually fold. I start thinking about pushing here at about M=10 (or less). But, it's not 100% there. It depends on the table, stacks, position and likeliness to be called.-M
  2. The shortstack is irrelevant in this situation once you've created a sidepot and the BB has called. You should play the sidepot with the BB as if the short stack isn't even there. And, I'm not excited with your A8 for nearly all your chips.
  3. I don't know if I can save money once the second Q hits, but there are a couple things I'd do differently.QTs is a trouble hand. I try to play it only in late position with lots of callers ahead of me. But, if you're going to open with it, yeah, you should raise.On the flop, it's a mostly dry flop and you only have a pair. Keep it small. You don't need to pot it. Maybe a half-pot bet.I'm not sure what you're beating once that turn card hits. Take a stab at it, but again, you only have second pair and the villain probably isn't drawing based on his flop call.The more interesting question is wha
  4. Kuge,I know how you feel about SnGs. Though it sounds like I enjoy them more than you do, I too wish I had more time to devote to MTTs and long ring-game sessions. I don't. But, I often find myself multi-tabling SnGs after work. I'm up to $20+2 and $30+3.The key is success here is just like any other form of poker. Keep records. For SnGs, make a spreadsheet with buyin/size (6max, 9, whatever), rake, place, payout, and a notes section where you can add stuff like (AA vs KK FTW) or (played while tired, misclicked all-in with K2o). From this spreadsheet, ITM and ROI are very interesting. And, the
  5. Steve,A non-numbers, Poker vs Life question:I'm a successful computer professional making 6-ish digits a year in a salary job-totally stable. I play poker as a hobby and I enjoy it. I like to punish people who are 'bad at math' for fun. But, I only really get to play after a long day's work or on weekends or after a drive to vegas (5 hours from Phoenix).Is there a realistic way to take my poker game to the next level while holding a full-time 9-5? And, given a stable, good 9-5 how do I evaluate the cost/benefit of spending time on my poker game? ie. how likely am I to exceed my salary signif
  6. This is normally an open push with such a short stack. You want it to look like all your other short stack steals (which with your number of chips should be pushes too). You don't really want to be playing this against more than one opponent. Jacks are excellent, but not indestructible.-M
  7. Assuming top three get paid: fold >>> all-in > callYou both have too few chips to do anything fancy at all.
  8. If we just call the turn, do we call the river too?
  9. I only have 25 hands on the villain, so I'm just double-checking that this is standard I guess.Absolute PokerLimit Holdem Ring gameLimit: $1/$25 playersConverterPre-flop: (5 players) Hero is CO with A J UTG calls, Hero raises, Button folds, SB calls, BB folds, UTG calls.Flop: 8 A 4 (7SB, 3 players)SB checks, UTG bets, Hero raises, SB calls, UTG calls.Turn: 6 (6.5BB, 3 players)SB checks, UTG bets, Hero raises, SB folds, UTG 3-bets, Hero calls.River: 5 (12.5BB, 2 players)UTG bets, Hero ...
  10. Think of the Ramen you could buy for $6!
  11. This early, I ditch AQo to an EP raiser.I check this river against a perceived good player and value bet the donks. Though, I don't raise a river bet. Only call if it's affordable. I think hard if someone opens the river big.-M
  12. I agree, though in reality, I play #2 faster.
  13. I am absolutely stunned at how often I get called when I overbet heads-up in 30 and lower STTs. Early on in these things, if you have a monster, you will get long term value from overbetting. It's as if many opponents decide call or fold without looking at the amount.What makes this work is that the general populace bluffs much too often in these things. And, they don't know that you bluff with much less frequency than the norm. Poof, metagame abuse.-M
  14. Yes, well, I'm a Senior Software Engineer working for NASA (at ASU in Phoenix)What I do. And, yeah, Microsoft works you hard, but they don't pay too bad.BTW, I crushed the interview. Not sure I want to take the offer though. It turns-out they're cheapskates relative to other companies.
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