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  1. The only advice I can give in regards to beating the $5 SNG's on FTP is to not sit down in one that I'm playing.
  2. Ok. I guess I was worried about the check through. With a table captain in the hand though, I guess it's quite unlikely. I totally agree we want all the chips in the middle on the flop...just was unsure of the best method.Thanks
  3. Why is CR'ing here superior to leading this flop? Pricing in the draws? Just curious. As played I shoved in your spot all day.
  4. You are losing value by only betting 1/3 pot if you have the A or the K. If he's willing to call 1/3, he's willing to call 1/2 and more most likely. Either he's calling or he's not.And a lot of K hands call the flop bet...especially this early.
  5. Fold PF.Why lead the flop? He opened, let him bet. Looks like a good spot for a semi-bluff CR.If he called 3k on the flop...he's calling it on the turn. Why bloat the pot?
  6. This early in a tourney, I generally play TT like a mid pocket and play it for set value. Limping is not retarded because a standard or even 4x raise at this level will not get rid of many hands (as villains holding proves.) ~80% of flops are going to have overs to your tens, and we are going to be guessing as to where we are at.As played, I don't mind the cBet. We repped a big hand and the 2 big cards came out that we can bluff at. Once he calls though, I'm done. I fully expect to see some weak A call to showdown at this point. I don't call the river either...If I'm villain, I value bet
  7. This is the perfect flop to cBet considering your holding. You've raised PF, so villain is likely putting you on some high cards. You lead out with $1k or so on this flop and he's going to assume you are just cBetting and is probably going for the CR. If he does CR, I probably give him the "ah crap...should I call with this FD" look and then hesitantly call. Get the rest in on the turn.
  8. I'm not a fan of racing in this spot, but having a couple loose players calling you light is not necessarily a bad thing. Perhaps that's his thinking. I've got an ace and these idiots will call me with any K, so I'm in the lead.
  9. Is BB loose, or just bad?If you are BB and you have a tight player that's just shoved from UTG, can you really believe your AT is good?
  10. There is no right or wrong...just optimal. The optimal play in this spot is to shove.
  11. You want to see all 5 cards with AK...the only way that is going to happen is if you shove.
  12. Hero's M is 5.3. Hero is short. If CO's been limping all day, then this is an easy shove IMO. About the only argument against I can think of is that Hero's Q is still decent...but all other players in this hand will have to call 50% or more of their stack to play because of that. Can we really expect them to do it without a premium hand?
  13. Just giving the math. I'm quite nitty when it comes to the SB and rarely complete. Although in this spot with such a deep stack, suited cards and a couple limpers I would consider it. Then kick myself when the BB raises and I have just wasted 25 chips.
  14. Well, you are getting 7-1 to complete and pokerstoke says we are 20% against 3 others at top 50% of hands...so that's ok.Only getting 4-1 to call the reraise though, and we have to tighten up BB's range...so we shouldn't be calling the reraise.
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