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  1. Thanks, happy for the warm reception and that somebody paid attention those times I had to correct people lol! That sounds good, exactly the kind of thing I'm looking for, sucks that I'm out of the house for work 8am-6pm during the week But thanks please keep 'em coming I will try and keep everything in mind!
  2. Haha thanks man, I have missed this place!
  3. Hey guys, been off the board for a while I know. Didn't get sick of anyone here or anything, just been working hard, settling into a new neighborhood, and had very little time for poker over the last few months. Anyway I am getting back into the game and plan on coming back to the board a lot for the (usually) great and helpful advice, and to contribute as often as I can. My current question/dilemma is simple: I'm getting back into online poker and have decided to try and build my roll up in mostly MTT's for now, as that's where my current interest is and I've been having a lot of fun with the
  4. Yeah I would hate to hit quads here.Also I fold this prf in a tourny I think. As played I think you can call flop but your hoping to get to check down here pretty much..
  5. I pretty much agree with everyone. Bet more flop, potting is probably correct, NEVER check turn, as played call river.
  6. +1 this is the point I've been trying to explain. Honestly if this thinking is so terribly wrong its going to take a good argument to convince me. Assuming your bankroll is healthy enough for either tournament so the money itself doesn't matter, are you guys trying to say that the ranges you assign people and the way you play your game in a $10 tournament is the same as a $10,000 one? C'mon..
  7. Not at all. My "call at $5" reasoning has nothing to do with the $5 making a difference to me. As has been said, you are generally going to be up against more skilled players at higher buy ins. I'm not for a second saying there aren't morons at every level, but to say that the general quality of play does not improve some as you go to higher level buy ins is silly. Maybe there's a mis-communication somewhere here. If I'm playing a $240 or whatever SNG I'm assuming I'm doing so with the bankroll to handle it...I'm not letting the buy in influence my decision because I don't want to lose the mon
  8. With forewarning that I'm pretty new to PLO but I have been playing the micro PLO tables exclusively and very successfully for the past couple weeks...With villains stack size and your description of him I don't see anything wrong with getting it in preflop. If his stack was closer to ours I would probably flat to see a flop in position. On that flop after his shove I believe it's probably a call depending on the range you give him a bit obviously, but it is close. Hope some math people can elaborate on this one..
  9. I guess I'm with TN it's really just a pot odds thing at this point vs an unknown....but really, why are we in this hand?
  10. bravo And very bad play for utg+1, call is pretty much terrible IMO.
  11. I would also like to know why some feel the buy-in has no relevance whatsoever? In a $5 sng I think you can expect some TP/TK or medium flush draw or generally weaker holding making a move like this that would happen far less often in a buy-in as high as this one. I don't think I'm the best at explaining that but I think you guys are smart enough to figure out what I'm going for. I'm not even thinking its a huge difference, but if you would like to say that the buy-in is completely irrelevant to the skill level you should expect I would like to hear your reasoning because thats just silly.
  12. Download SNGWiz, use it at least for the trial, have it analyze your hand histories and go through as many of the quizzes as you can (it will make as many as you like during the trial period which I think is like 2 weeks or so). Taught me a lot about equity in sng's when the blinds get to the shove-or-fold point.
  13. Sorry just realized I didn't actually contribute any plans, lol...go for c/r, if he checks behind bet 1/3-1/2 pot on turn and hope he spazzes with something I guess. Never considering a fold IMO.
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