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  1. Woohoo........mobnies for the Diaper Fund!!!
  2. Wrongway, despite reading my posts "you are not paying attention" and "look here's the hard truth" .... I do not want to bail out people's consumer debt. Whether you've adjusted your math or not....my point is I do not want to bail out people's consumer debt. We may end up working out millions of mortgages with "principle reductions" (which also irritates me) but I do not want to pay for some greedy Main streeters plasma screen tv, home theatre, new boat, new ski mobile, new jet ski, new time share....you get the picture...Dont you.As for whether the 700b bailout just passed will be a disas
  3. [/b] Sure seems to me like you are bitter you overpaid for a house in a bubble and want to Government to pay off your credit card debt and yes at the expense of the tax payers. You said you'd rather we have a DEPRESSION!!!! Nice.I don't know the right answer but I don't want your credit card debt paid by your proposed TAX INCREASES to my tax bill.And no, I'm not for cutting funding to the Navy.
  4. Congrats on the baby !!!!!!!!!!!! Oh, and on Featured Member tooo
  5. Hi Cardcore,Me...I don't want a stake...it'd be a waste of mobnies...ISAP However, I'll be a reference for JustLikeNegs. He's an aggressive player with good instincts. I've railed him a few times. He's short on bankroll but I think he could be a really good player.Jan
  6. Wrongway your incessant harping about consumer debt is ridiculous....am I supposed to bail you out because you and every other irresponsible person ran up their credit cards and now don't want to pay the bill? Drives me crazy. Pay your own damn bills!My husband and I didn't buy a McMansion we knew wasn't worth 400 or 500k in any market, even though we could've afforded one. We bought a modest house far away from family and friends because of the stupidity of others, homes where we WANTED to live were WAY over priced and we refused to make that mistake..so we sacrificed!!! Imagine that...we
  7. ...............so far so goot....................
  8. :D LOLOLOLHmm, a question...okay I got one- How's that blog coming along?
  9. FCP Info, were you born Omniscient or did it come to you later in life?
  10. Working on a Street hockey team I guess (Nice work on troyomac fan club btw )
  11. Congrats Ray!!!!!Knew you'd made the right decision when you quit that factory job (Great profile Gov)Umm, you didn't drop BabyCuke did you? :DLOL WHAT is going on with the guy behind you in the 'aspiring dancer' photo????
  12. Yeah, I'm curious about the place too! :DHey Sublime, You probably already know about the poker in NH but here are some links to check out (looks like they now allow 2-4 limit not just 1-2, they all have NL tourneys and sngs):http://www.granitestatepoker.com/dnn/http://www.seabrookpoker.com/http://playnhpoker.com/http://www.thepokerroomnh.com/
  13. Don't do it. It's $400/month more. House will be worth 50k less in 3 months. Re-read Wrongway's posts in stock market thread....prepare for the coming financial armaggedon. Buy gold, grow your own food, buy a gun and take mobnies out of soon-to-fail US banking system and bury mobnies in the back yard. :PDid that talk you out of it?
  14. Oh, shoot I thought this was an autonomous collective http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rAaWvVFERVA
  15. LMAO SHIP THE MEERKATIs there a minimal entry fee on primal screaming?NNB, that was definitely a bummer hand though.
  16. Hope everything works out fine... hang in there.
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