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  1. But he is a expert at everything. it might not be interesting.everything he says is right tho
  2. He at it again another day another Ftstars $109 id- 2291102967 of 9 atm
  3. str drawlow draw flush draw and it hu i'm raising 6thand ask questions other places u should be happy i'm real bored while playing now and seen this
  4. Yea in January the card game I played in every Friday was robbed at gun point then week later the game i played in sat-thursday this happendhttp://www.daytondailynews.com/n/content/o...omicideweb.htmlmy favorite around here happened few years ago in 05' this game still runs at this place btw. they only quit for about 2 weeks> Gunmen rob 12 people at Riverside poker club> By Mehul Srivastava>> Dayton Daily News>> RIVERSIDE | Four armed men robbed a poker club off Valley Street early> Friday morning, and then left the 12 men and women tied up, naked, with> their shoelace
  5. complete it. bet 4th-7th raise when u canu need to rethink that process with the kings. if u know he got pair of kings on 3rd it a fold. chasing is losing. if u complete and he reraises u go from there decide if u want to go to 5th to see if u improve if u dont beleive him or fold. sorry if my reply is little jumbled have trouble puttin thoughts into words
  6. sittin around bored. so playin mini pl omaha h/l event
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