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  1. Not possible Phil, the more the betterWelcome to the forum
  2. correctfixed my post tyTo your post, I disagree with jamming over the flop bet. In that spot he's getting called by a worse range than is shoving over his checkraise. He's folding the bottom part of his range and calling with the top of his range.
  3. A lot of you are focusing on DNs call of the shove, and not liking that. That's an autocall I think. There's 55ish grand in the middle and only 22K to call. He's most likely in a near coin flip at that point, as the only holdings that have him in jail are flopped flushes, a PP higher than 8s with a diamond and a King with a diamond kicker higher than Daniels' 8. That's a real small part of Isaacs range.Most spots I'd guess he's up against a King no diamond, or the ace of diamonds. Daniel probably already knows he's calling a shove before he checkraises.The only plays that I think are worth com
  4. Congratulations Justin.0% surprised you got a bracelet.Was little doubt it was going to happen, was just a matter of when.
  5. Sure.But in the vast majority of cases, it comes down to the most total guaranteed money you can get.I doubt there's a player in the NHL who would take a 3 yr deal at big money to allow himself a chance to pick his town in 2014, over taking say an 8 year deal at big money now.Especially in an age like today where one bad shot to the head can cost you your career.The guys that are willing to do what they can to go home tend to be veterans nearer the end of their career than the beginning who have already made the bulk of their career earnings, not 21 year old kids.
  6. God bless them, every one!Even you Tomas Kaberle.
  7. I wish they would chop these no no limit mega tourneys into two day events.Event #3 will have a minimum of 100 million chips in play, don't see how that finishes in less than 20 hours.That's a siege.
  8. aaaand out in 4thAJ<AAAA giveth and AA taketh away.
  9. If anyone is dreadfully bored, I'm at the final table of the Full Tilt Brawl.I'm the shorty 5/5Only 22 BB
  10. Partially torn MCL for Savard.Out 3-4 weeks, no surgery.
  11. I gotta tell you, Buffalo wings are pretty delicious.
  12. I think this will be a problem going forward, if this show indeed does go forward.Lindgren seemed to be genuinely rooting for his opponent to win. If I were him, I would too. The 40K, and chance for more, means a ton more to that guy than 10K to charity for Erick. Wouldn't be surprised if Erick just donated the 10K anyway win or lose.
  13. It's terrific getting poker commentary from Adam Schoenfeld.Why does this guy keep popping up everywhere?
  14. Newest update has finally fixed the problem for me as well.Hope its running OK for everyone.
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