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  1. LOL. Hoodini open by the way. He is the man, 6 chip sets and counting. Took the 3rd Q off, better things to do this summer. Will see, might play 4th Q.
  2. To look up a tourney player I know you can use Official Poker Rankings and for sit-n-gos Sharkscope. Are there any sites that track cash game or heads up PLO players results on Stars at the 1/2$ level and below?
  3. To look up a tourney player I know you can use Official Poker Rankings and for sit-n-gos Sharkscope. Are there any sites that track cash game or heads up PLO players results on Stars at the 1/2$ level and below?
  4. From ESPN.comJeff Shulman -- No player at this final table will inspire more debate than Shulman, the editor of Card Player magazine. Shulman has stirred controversy with his claim that he will throw the bracelet in the garbage if he wins it. "It has nothing to do with [Card Player no longer having exclusive rights to WSOP coverage]," the 34-year-old Las Vegas native said. "It's about my lack of respect for the WSOP and the management here and what they've done to the players. That said, I still wouldn't wear it if I was best friends with them. When I had a chance to win years ago, I said I wouldn't wear it. I'm shocked that people wear those ugly things.""Jeff generally says and does what he means, so if he says something, I don't doubt he's going to do it," best friend Adam Schoenfeld said. "I just see this as a professional wrestling heel turn ,and Jeff's just gonna be the bad guy, so it doesn't hurt anyone.""If I win, I'll never play at the Rio or WSOP again," Shulman said. "If I win, I'll never play poker again."He's going to keep things interesting.So, anyone know what exactly he is complaining about?
  5. yeah, dont know what i did the first time, missed a few, sorry. updated/corrected now.Hoodini 6GWCGWC 3armaen13 3jawalives 3figger 3seacucumber 3aasnake88 2Seacucumber 2Gallowfx 2Larons 2tasman25 2fitzinabox 235 others with oneKidpoker 0 If there are any others let me know, especially if you changed names along the way or something.
  6. And a special mention to hoodini. This is the first quarter since 2008 first quarter that he did not get a chip set. In that span he won 6 chip sets, truely impressive, a record that may never be touched. Hoodini - how many have you actually received?other multiple winnersGWCGWC 3armaen13 3jawalives 3figger 3seacucumber 3aasnake88 2Seacucumber 2Gallowfx 2Larons 2tasman25 2fitzinabox 235 others with oneKidpoker 0
  7. If my math is right here are the (unofficial) final 2009 2nd quarter standings. There was actually only one major position change from last week, with invasion's win (nice job) he bumped Cappy37 out of a top 9 finish, but everyone essentially stayed in the spot they were in entering Wednesday's final game. Looks like playing every one paid off for Acesfull_369, as he squeeked into the top 9 by less than a point. In fact I think that if cappy(9th) and acesfull(8th) had swapped finish positions in the last game cappy would have gotten 9th by a point, not acesfull.Second consecutive quarter aucu has bubbled the chip set. (5th last quarter). Finally, looks like gallo only has two quarters left to get a top 9 and defend his neg-o crown from 2008.1 r23y 500.412 MaxStPolish 496.26 3 pokerl0gic 489.344 aucu 452.385 invasion1727 441.466 hoodini 438.48 7 Tasman25 433.72 8 Larons 425.229 AcesFull_369 411.82 10 Cappy37 410.9011 captcanda 400.85
  8. Wish I could tell you what he had but I folded, lived to fight another day. I didn't let my bad play on the flop force a bad call on the turn.Not to be results oriented but he finished 4131, so I think wonder if this makes it more or less likely that he had it, although I have no idea how he went out as our table broke shortly after.
  9. Great responses so far. Before I post what i did here is my thought process.Table was fresh, played maybe one orbit with villian, so no real reads. His opr was ~79% if I remember corectly, and he had picked up 3/10 or so pots, but so had I, nobody showing down.He is the only one at the table that has me covered.His call of the initial raiser is definately week, but he had done that one other time i think, and fired a bet on the flop to take it down. Anyway I know he does not have a premium hand. His call of my large re-raise = a hand that is trying to bust me if he hits the flop, i.e. a small pair or (suited?) middle cards, i really dont think he has A 10, but a ten is definately in his range.On the flop I definately should have bet a lot more, but was trying to exhibit pot size control, hoping for a re-raise (I think) and was hoping he had a small pair that missed and would fold. The call scared me. Initially I put him on two pair, in retrospect this was a mistake and i now dont think that is what he had because he is re-raising 75%+ of the time with two pair here, since my hand is face up as ak/aa/kk, maybe qq, but in that case he woulda raised to see where he was at.After my poor raise on the flop and his call, I was sure he had a pair and a straight draw. When the king hit it also put two spades on board, he checks, i make a small scared ass bet, he shovesjustlikethatnoteventhinking, and I burned through my time bank trying to figure it out.I will post tomorrow am what i did, so keep the thoughts comming. As a teaser I finished 83/6990.
  10. BARF - what are you gonna do though, unlucky
  11. do you fold this? 30 minutes in... i thought for almost my entire time bank. tell you what happened after a few responses.PokerStars Game #29631710451: Tournament #171724786, $200+$15 Hold'em No Limit - Level III (75/150) - 2009/06/21 17:02:57 ETTable '171724786 751' 9-max Seat #2 is the buttonSeat 2: Larons (12450 in chips) Seat 4: turataika (4475 in chips) Seat 5: Tuna227 (12450 in chips) Seat 6: sentin7 (7225 in chips) Seat 7: king rei (8375 in chips) Seat 8: kamidawn216 (9950 in chips) Seat 9: Gordius Inox (15075 in chips) turataika: posts small blind 75Tuna227: posts big blind 150*** HOLE CARDS ***Dealt to Larons [Kh Kd]sentin7: folds king rei: folds kamidawn216: raises 300 to 450Gordius Inox: calls 450Larons: raises 1200 to 1650turataika: folds Tuna227: folds kamidawn216: folds Gordius Inox: calls 1200*** FLOP *** [9d Qs Jc]Gordius Inox: checks Larons: bets 900Gordius Inox: calls 900*** TURN *** [9d Qs Jc] [Ks]Gordius Inox: checks Larons: bets 600Gordius Inox: raises 11925 to 12525 and is all-in?????
  12. larons


    Found it silky, tough spot, very first hand after the bubble broke, have to call of course. Unfortunate for you that i woke up with a hand in the bb.PokerStars Game #29638561433: Tournament #171724786, $200+$15 Hold'em No Limit - Level XV (1500/3000) - 2009/06/21 20:29:18 ETTable '171724786 17' 9-max Seat #2 is the buttonSeat 1: krita2 (19111 in chips) Seat 2: Mark402 (12430 in chips) Seat 3: villus2 (58482 in chips) Seat 4: Larons (119894 in chips) Seat 5: ec0n0mist (39564 in chips) Seat 6: cbs9888 (10158 in chips) Seat 7: Pipo0705 (47367 in chips) Seat 8: gert_steel (43619 in chips) Seat 9: 28h@ndsl@ter (125520 in chips) krita2: posts the ante 300Mark402: posts the ante 300villus2: posts the ante 300Larons: posts the ante 300ec0n0mist: posts the ante 300cbs9888: posts the ante 300Pipo0705: posts the ante 300gert_steel: posts the ante 30028h@ndsl@ter: posts the ante 300villus2: posts small blind 1500Larons: posts big blind 3000*** HOLE CARDS ***Dealt to Larons [Ac Kh]28h@ndsl@ter said, "yeah, last month"ec0n0mist: folds krita2 said, "great job man"cbs9888: raises 6858 to 9858 and is all-inPipo0705: folds gert_steel: folds 28h@ndsl@ter: folds krita2: folds Mark402: folds villus2: raises 48324 to 58182 and is all-inLarons: calls 55182*** FLOP *** [4c 2h As]*** TURN *** [4c 2h As] [2c]28h@ndsl@ter said, "thx. all i need now is this tournament hehe"*** RIVER *** [4c 2h As 2c] [9c]*** SHOW DOWN ***villus2: shows [Jc Jd] (two pair, Jacks and Deuces)Larons: shows [Ac Kh] (two pair, Aces and Deuces)Larons collected 96648 from side potcbs9888: shows [Qc Js] (a pair of Deuces)Larons collected 32274 from main pot*** SUMMARY ***Total pot 128922 Main pot 32274. Side pot 96648. | Rake 0 Board [4c 2h As 2c 9c]Seat 1: krita2 folded before Flop (didn't bet)Seat 2: Mark402 (button) folded before Flop (didn't bet)Seat 3: villus2 (small blind) showed [Jc Jd] and lost with two pair, Jacks and DeucesSeat 4: Larons (big blind) showed [Ac Kh] and won (128922) with two pair, Aces and DeucesSeat 5: ec0n0mist folded before Flop (didn't bet)Seat 6: cbs9888 showed [Qc Js] and lost with a pair of DeucesSeat 7: Pipo0705 folded before Flop (didn't bet)Seat 8: gert_steel folded before Flop (didn't bet)Seat 9: 28h@ndsl@ter folded before Flop (didn't bet)
  13. larons


    sorry man, didnt realize that was you, that was a huge upswing for me. What is your stars name?Love Gonzo, just think Don Music is the nuts.
  14. larons


    joke? lol i did lose, and will forever blame you now. Damn you silkyjonson, damn you.edit - oh, and my muppet is so much better than your muppet.
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