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  1. thanks Q. The real reason that I never came back to irc is that I was sober, and didn't remember who I was, how to talk to you guys. I think of you though. Maybe I'll get back there and I can re-remember you guys. There is a dichotomy there I've never truly understood about myself.
  2. lol, vb should have just gotten to it. Where do we start? Damn you VB.I tried to kill myself by slicing the good old wrists on July 26th, 2009. I'd show a picture, but I don't have the camera and I wouldn't want to get beat on for messing up. Truly mean that as a joke. Though I did. Thankfully. Honestly though, if anyone likes gore, I will pm. I'm not ashamed, I'm just happy to be where I am and in a better position. I've never done a pill since. Before that period I had started physical rehab, but waaayyyy before that I was already addicted to the shit. Quick advice, not worth it,
  3. I picked mexico on the espn streak thing for the morning. Everything I read said that Italy is a mess, and I was lucky enough to see the friendly last week and to my unintelligent soccer IQ, it looked like Mexico ran all over them. Never count out the hosts though, so pick em baby!
  4. It's been a while since I spoke swahili.
  5. I heard watching its always sunny in philadelphia makes you a better player!?!confirm/deny
  6. dogpatch, you 'ol bastard! how are ya? still dealing i see?LA, getting people to switch from 72 to K3...nice work.
  7. Def down when you add ftp. Haven't been on stars this year unfortunately.
  8. Doin well J! Not as much time to myself, which is good. I don't have myspace anymore but I think I found you on facebook.I know, get a room, etc.
  9. The most likely answer is his marriage went to shit, if I'm remembering it all correctly.
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