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  1. WTG GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Awesome congrats!
  2. Cool. GL all.Would be fun to sneak away and go watch DN
  3. I might ask you the same thing! I was drinking some tea and nearly spit it out all over the laptop when I read your post... LOLOLWill be interesting to see how Gov. Patrick and Sen Kerry handle their next campaigns.
  4. YOU GO GIRL !!! BG there is now an opening in the State Senate here??
  5. YW B) Being a "Masshole", and apparently the only one in this thread, I will admit that yesterday I voted for a person I will most likely (if all goes well) be voting against in 2 years. How's that for confusing .Checks and balances baby.
  6. CONGRATULATIONS....that is phenomenal!!!!! WTG.
  7. Hang in there Daniel...very sorry for your loss.
  8. Janfor99

    Hey Gov :d

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