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  1. 4th for 16k - unlucky troyomac, you seemed pretty card dead - grats on the FT though.
  2. Troyomac coming in 4/4 - 40k and change for first! glglgl # 2010090057
  3. X-posted for pure joy. Is this the same FCP Naslund...?Epic...
  4. Came 5th in one of the 1.10 quals yesterday for 80 bucks. (Sick brag I know).Anyone else playing the freeroll on Sunday 5th? Cheapy last longer perhaps?
  5. You need someone to prop up the bottom...so, I'm in.ktjb23
  6. Add me pls Lurbz Just opted in, so, may take awhile. - ktjb23 on stars.
  7. Good work! - 8385 @ 1st break for me :)gl all.
  8. same - gl all...8k ish for me...not that it matters!
  9. Yay, I like this thread.Im focussing primarily on SNGs...working with a 50 Buy In rule. If I decide to play turbos, Ill switch to 100 Buy Ins (dont feel so confident at Turbos)Currently sitting at 370 bucks ish and playing 5.50 regular speed 9 mans. I also have a very low volume as I don't have the time to play much. I also use a HUD (HeM)..oh and if anyone has any issues with Hem, just holler, I'm pretty swept up on it - have helped a few FCP'ers get it up and running and stuff.Nice thread Lurbzzz, I'll be following with interest.
  10. Thats some super talent you've got there.
  11. Anytime I'll be happy to stake you again!
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