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  1. Why shove on that turn and scare villain away? He made trips and still holds the nut flush draw, why not try to fish villain in.
  2. Haha, dude, your great! Nice grill, find some friends asap for that bbq, or for life in general
  3. I wish I could, but the rest of my br is on this tourney alone. Any tips on how the tourney runs?
  4. Lol, welcome to ps! I've noticed that when I play on full tilt, this crap does happen as often.
  5. my local safeway, i had to try to load it on my account many times, after the 20th, it finally worked
  6. Yes.. the prepaid visa gift cards do work on ps
  7. K, its getting late and i found nothing to do tonight, so i want to go find a way to put money on my pokerstars account for some ring games. can anyone confirm if the all-access visa prepaid cards work? on ftp or stars? quick!!
  8. I did.. but then got caught with my parents (when they saw a check in the mail under their name.. lol) After that.. basically what fitz said, my life for 2 weeks became hell..
  9. My family "would" care/worry if I let it take over my life as in; me being a losing player and not accepting it, me not having my priorities in line, not having a back up plan, etc etc.
  10. Would anyone else bet 2/3 pot to try and take it down right here if he isnt holding a jack? If he c/r, we're obviously behind.If we check the turn, blank hits, and he bets out, do we just call him down?
  11. Sounds like a fun challenge, always keeping yourself intensely focused on one table because your br in on the line at all times. Or else you have to move down a limit.edit - Just started this challenge
  12. Shoving turn is difficult, only a set or flush is calling you (unless he loves a tptk hand). What about checking and re-evaluating on how he acts. But actually, if he bets or pushes you I guess you have to call.. iono, tough spot. Its either a great read and fold to his flush, or pay him off with your set and river a boat
  13. Basically what acid said.Preflop is a fold, but since you had a read on him, you went with it.Flop call seems like the right move.Turn, I would make a pot sized bet right there and take it downRiver, should be a check, but after he shoves..?Would anyone call this all in bet? Basically a min raise of $83.5 more
  14. Was bored tonight and decided to click on the link in DN's signature. Titled "Earthling" and, of course, a humanitarian vid. Wow, this vid is brutal to watch. I was just wondering how many others watched this and their opinions on it. Its a 3 part video, I only had the stomach to watch the 1st part with 32 minutes of film. Overall, I found the video to be every insightful.
  15. Blow up on them and make sure you use every negative word you can conjure from your brain. Btw, I would raise the flop on the A4 hand
  16. Don't want a stake, but I'll rail it. Gl horses, tid
  17. Personally I would bet around $10. If you shoved, you could only hope that villain hit a q and calls. I dont think he'll call a shove with a single pair <6 unless he just doesnt believe you one bit. Other than that, a shove would only be called by mabye a slow played set of flush on the turn.edit - eegad, miscalculated your stack at the river, disregard
  18. Lol, yea this hand screams tttiiilllttt, I don't seen how you can call any street (mabye flop). But turn is bad, and river is gross.
  19. Lmao.. why would you do such a thing
  20. I absolutely hate the idea of this show. But, stated above, the show is just soo ridiculous that its enjoyable.
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