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  1. I call and rather quickly.SB: Lets think of a range of hands that he flats and leads with..Ace X, J10 (double gutter), flush draw, KQ maybe? Those are some of the holdings I see him playing like that...As for the BB, I really doubt you are beat against him either. He is most likely reraising AQ preflop or if he does flat, I would say a lot of people cold call here in hopes to trap with Top 2. I would expect to see a draw or a combo draw from BB the majority of the time. KJd, K10d, J10. With the dead money in the pot, I'm definitely calling, because I do see A9 and A10 played like this as well.
  2. If I were to bet, I would probably bet a bit more, something like 1/2 pot..I agree with Looshle though, if we win the pot here with A high, thats great, lets bet. If we check, our chances of getting paid decrease and if we miss the turn, our equity goes way down and we are faced with a tougher spot if bet into.
  3. I haven't posted for quite some time so if strategies have changed and I'm way off base, I apologize in advance..Raise or fold preflop, don't limp A5 utg.. IMO thats the biggest mistake of the hand. I would bet more on the flop and on the turn. 200 on flop, 400 on turn. As played, I think I call..Our bets look pretty weak and its very possible he missed a flush and is making a desperation bluff attempt..
  4. Hello everyone, I know its been a while. I have been super busy with school, as I graduate in 3 days. I'm pretty pumped obviously about that, 4 1/2 years of college as many of you know is pretty taxing. However, hopefully after this week I'll be around more and able to play a bit more as well. I plan on Jeff and I owning this 4.40 challenge anyways!Hope all is well with all you guys!Throw
  5. Folds no doubt for reasons HighwayStar listed..You still have 10 BBs. Start shoving when your first in and have less than 5 players behind you
  6. What card on the turn scares you enough to be doing anything but shoving? The board is super dry. I'm flatting this almost always and letting him bet the turn again or at least attempt to get it all in there. In a 4.40, I'm folding this on the 8th day of Never.
  7. Bingo. Betting the turn is so bad. So bad.
  8. Isn't your post basically summing up Gigabet's block theory? It has been a really long time since I read about it, but I'm pretty sure this is an application of it..Unfortunately, the meta game affects of the theory aren't in affect as much since this is an $11 donkament
  9. Maybe the flat call isn't awful (I'm repopping to 1000 like many others advocated) but I don't really understand your post flop play..If your looking to flat in order to keep the pot small and punish bigger edges in a grand scheme of things, you should be check/folding this flop, even if you think hes on a semi bluff...When he overbets like that, you don't really have any fold equity and are gonna HAVE to win at showdown..If you have to continue with the hand, as played, I think calling and shoving Non heart/Non ace turns is your best play..However I think after the preflop line, check/call&g
  10. Got it in with KK vs AJs and AK...AJ flopped a flush..GG me
  11. Didn't play, playing the 55 dollar buy in, 70K gur. tonight...gonna keep grinding for the next few weeks before I consider playing it again, then once I get back to school it will be an option again probably
  12. From my experience, idiots who open raise 10x and min bets sets repop hands like AK AQ and sometimes AJ wayyyyy too big..thus they don't flat and pot it when they hit..Therefore we are ahead...If they flop two pair, they usually c/r min...I hope this isn't one of the ten times the villain took this line with a big ace and Hero posted this, as a thinly disguised cooler..that would be really gay
  13. What is your stack..How can any of you guys answer this question without that info? Assuming you have about t1700, I probably raise and call a shove, based on the image you have provided for the villain..Calling and bet/shoving a blank turn ain't bad either
  14. Playing on a shared bankroll with a friend= terrible idea.Really, go at it alone..I can't think of a better way of ruining a friendship and one of you feeling slighted than doing this..Aside from having a 3 some with one of your g/fs
  15. True story. You are not deep enough to set mine the first hand and playing oop with shallow stacks against the CL is not going to be fun nor profitable
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