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  1. Ok, thanks guys. At least my time off hasn't killed this level reasoning for me :)We did get it in on the river and well BBFIDTS I suppose. Just wanted to make sure it was unavoidable.
  2. I haven't played online in forever, so decided to jump in 2+2 Pokercast league 6-max last night for fun. I'm probably way out of it when it comes to MTT strategy and 6-max always feels like they're running me over. This is about 15 hands into the tournament and thus far I'm probably about averagely active at the table, but had folded around 5-6 hands in a row:Feral Cow Poker Hand ConverterPokerStars No-Limit Hold'em ($5.00+$0.50) t10/t20 - 6 playersCO: t1,875 Button: t2,180 SB: t1,920 BB: t2,135 UTG: t1,990 UTG+1: t1,900 (Hero)Preflop: (t30) Hero is UTG+1 with (6 players)UTG folds, Hero rai
  3. I think in hand 1, I just check back the river. This is a scary board because some decent holdings have you beat. I can only really see getting paid by a random J or QT. In my opinion it's ok to miss value in those specific spots to prevent losing more than we have to. I realize this might be too passive, but early on in heads up, that's how I'd play it.
  4. Shove turn after his check.There's really no random 2 in his range if he's limping UTG+1, and if he somehow happens to have 67, just catch a board pair.
  5. Having a LOT of experience in bar poker leagues (820 tournaments played, plenty of TD experience), it's more important to make sure the players have fun than to have pure integrity here. If you had professional dealers or if player A tossed his cards in and then realized he made a mistake, then eliminating the player is fine.But in a situation where it's a pure mistake like this, I'd do either:A) Give Player A the main pot minus the amount Player B paid into it. In other words, if Player A had 1k initially, he'd now have 2k + SB + BB. Player B would get his 1k back from that pot.B) Reconstruct
  6. Maybe I missed something obvious, but we flop the nut flush draw on a board that's unlikely to have hit the guy. If he happens to have a pair between 33-99, then we're still ahead of him % wise to win the hand. He could have a J, but it's hard to automatically put him on that because he leads. On the river, as played, we have the nut flush. The guy shoves on us, but he's capable of doing that lighter than a boat (random J after all perhaps or other flush).But since I guess you think this doesn't make sense, please elaborate.
  7. Any reads on the guy? Have you played a hand with him before?I probably call the river as played w/o reads, but I think I prefer raising the flop because he might well donk out with any A there. If we take it on the flop, fine. If he shoves on us, that's fine too because we're ahead of any random 33-99 and we're only really in trouble to AJ.
  8. I don't think I cbet this because he's never folding a better hand on the flop. There's only 2 "bad" cards that can come on the turn (K/Q), and we can basically just call his small bets for the same cost w/o bloating the pot, and if our JJ is good the whole way, we make more in the end.In this case, as it turns out he has 89, so maybe a cbet works, but I think in general, your line is fine.
  9. Agree with a call, but I think this is more often a "hur dur, my A7s must be good because he checked the flop" type of thing. I seem to run into this a lot with folks calling raises from the BB with low or mid-A. If you don't bet, they assume their A is good all the way through from there.
  10. I'd love to talk some more SnG stuff here. Lately I've been playing turbos (which is new for me, but I like them a lot better than spending an hour on each game). I've been bubbling way more than I'd like. I feel like every time I try to hang on to the money, someone makes some ridiculous comeback from 200 chips. And every time I try to push marginal edges, I get punished for it. I don't have any specific hand in mind at the moment, but would like to just talk more in general about SnG strategy, so if your histories help get that going, it'd be great.
  11. Ruling was fine. Seat 8 has no case here. If the dealer had told the BB 4500, and he had put in 3500 and then claimed he heard it wrong, then there's a case for the 3500 being left, but not in this case.
  12. I know this is the wrong forum and such, but I've never played on FTP. I'm sort of interested, but I keep not opening an account due to not knowing the "correct" thing to do with rakeback. Anyone have pointers?
  13. lol at villain having AA there, maybe I need to play at FT
  14. Well, bet the flop, but I figured there's no real discussion given your timeout issue. I think the turn bet is fine, but it basically limits him to a flush draw or a 6, which is why I don't like the river shove.
  15. What can call a shove that you can beat? Just a random 9, but why would he have that? Since you're deep, how about a small river bet (1k?) to make value from something like 88 or 77 and then fold to a shove?
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