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  1. I will say this much, i agree w/tehtoe's choice of TV shows. Breaking Bad is da bomb diggity!
  2. And that is the thing, he can afford the beat. He tries to limit his losing sessions to no more than $3k and he never ever plays scared. The guy he was up against is pretty wealthy and I think he just didn't know my friend well enough to realize that he is not the kind of guy you want to try and bluff off of a hand. To me AJ and J9 seemed like very unlikely holdings given the line on this hand too.
  3. Yeah, I told him the more logical line to me would be a smaller set or two pair (and actually KQ if I had to take a pick seemed like the most likely to me b/c it looks like he thinks he is protecting the best hand and doesn't want to see the river).
  4. Here is a scenario that my friend told me about and I was stunned that he folded. I am curious about the math piece. He recently moved from playing $2/$5 to $5/$10 at the local card room here. He is one of the most aggressive players I know and he is also one of the best. He has done so well at $2/$5 that he now has several guys that want to back him and he is considering playing for a living. Having said that, I don't think I could have ever folded the following hand. W/$2k in front of him he was dealt KK and rased to $55 from early position. He got 7 callers. The flop was KS 10C 4H.
  5. You stated that you knew this guy and that he was a pretty solid player? Any chance at all that he is simply hoping to look somewhat weak and could have QQ or better? If you know him I assume that he also knows you as well. Just curious if you ever give a guy credit for thinking on 2nd and 3rd levels at these levels online.
  6. I don't think I would have bet the river and I am curious as to what everyone's thoughts are. It seems to me that the pot is bloated at that point and unless CO has absolute air, he is going to call another 1k which could be good or bad. The line he is taking by smooth calling every street seems to indicate that he very likely could be on some sort of draw. While it gives him a perfect opportunity to bluff if you check the river, if he wants to get tricky he could still raise 4x your bet on the river anyway. If I was the villain, if I had smooth called you up to this point, I would be very
  7. And that is precisely why I was kicking myself. I was so focused on three specific players I failed to think about the other five. One of the other guys shoved and at that point I felt like I was committed to the hand. I made a crying call and he had pocket Qs.
  8. Sorry guys I don't have a hand convertor yet. Last night I was running deep into a $27 mtt on PS. There were just under 1200 entrants and we were down to the final 76. The table was fairly tight except for a couple of the big stacks who would regularly 3 bet small raises when players were betting 2.5 to 3x the bb out of position (I had been repopped two or three times already and folded each time and I am sure they were taking note of this). There was also a player one off the button that was playing like he was drunk or high. I had seen him repop raisers and call all in reraises w/garbag
  9. See Tehtoe's advice above. He is telling you that the ranges get bigger when a short stack shoves (and I think this is regardless of position for the most part) as opposed to raising for half of his stack. That is precisely why I would shove w/AK (on top of the fact that you're so short stacked). My hope would be that they put me on a weak ace and call with a hand like A9 or A10 (I assume that Tehtoe was serious when he said A7 was around the bottom end of his calling range in that situation if the shorty shoves). EVEN WEAK PLAYERS will usually recognize you are representing a ton of streng
  10. Corvair, you REALLY need to work on this. A short stack leading out w/half his stack is just screaming that he has a monster (especially at these levels). This goes right back to the same thing w/the A9 but this is much worse. However, first things first, you really need to get away from falling in love with Ax. I will take notes on guys that play those weak aces and hope that I run into them on a regular basis. You have been playing a while now and should know better. Personally, I almost always fold my weak aces as they tend to only get you in trouble. You need to just start there and
  11. Corvair, I think a lot of times you view poker too much from a gambler's perspective. You need to start ignoring that "gut" feeling. If your gut was based on very good reads that you had on the other players I would probably agree with you (it would at least help if your gut told you to make better decisions). You often put your whole stack at risk with no information at all other that what the gambler in you wants to do. Your gut seems to tell you to push w/A9 and AJ. Your one comment about your fallback being an ace is just ridiculous (sorry to be so blunt). You do realize that more of
  12. A couple of things. Your image doesnt mean a hell of a lot after the all in. You have a very suspicious UTG min raise and then a huge all in as a reraise. Unless you are playing this tournament like Tom Dwan on steroids I don't think anyone else is going to get involved in this hand. Image is very important at times, but with the way this hand is playing out you can kind of throw that out the window (you're either taking down the pot right there or isolating the initial raiser). Second, you mention that he has "one" star. For the most part guys with "any" stars play a ton of poker and gene
  13. Yeah, the big tournaments are definitely a big time commitment. I used to play 90 person turbos all the time and did very well for a while. I have shifted my focus to the bigger ones mainly as practice for some of the WSOP events and the nice cashes you can make for a small investment. I know I have the patience for it as I learned how to play by hosting home games at my place (its no fun to bust out and wait four hours for a tournament to finish when you don't have anywhere to go). I have noticed that the deeper you run in these the better the play is (even in the $3 and $5 tourneys). The
  14. Funny. Next time I will include you when I recommend guys to turn to for advice. I see them posting a lot so I pulled their stats and I would certainly welcome their opinions as well as yours assuming you crush the online multis too.
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