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  1. Thank you, sir! I would obviously have loved to win bracelet #2, but I'm pretty happy with second place - especially in a game that's far from my best game.
  2. ...and another mincash after all sorts of ugliness. GN all!
  3. Still in the Million at 5th break, 300 players or so until the money. 50k with 1k/2k/100 blinds.
  4. No post-bubble luck; shoved 88 into TT and AK and didn't win. Mincash. GG Fargo.
  5. 68k at 6th break (2k/4k/400). Annoying bubble table, with four stalling shorties to my right and four big stacks to my left. 150 or so to the money; hopefully I can pick up some punted short stacks after that.
  6. 58k at 5th break (750/1500/150). Won a bunch of small pots to chip up.
  7. 39k at 4th break of Million (400/800/80). Dropped below my starting stack, then sucked out when I 3-bet shoved KT into AQ. KK>JJ held after that for almost another double.
  8. 19k at third break (200/400/40). Doubled with QQ>TT; other than that, not much action yet.
  9. Poker plans for today. Get one of the remaining FT seats. GL guys!
  10. ...and busto two hands later. That was annoyingly short, so I registered the $55 50k guaranteed instead.
  11. Hm... Second hand I play. Looks like it's going to be the "very short" option. Feral Cow Poker Hand Converter PokerStars No-Limit Hold'em ($200+$15) t200/t400 ante t40 - 9 players MP2: t45,229 HJ: t8,798 CO: t27,226 Button: t23,391 SB: t9,585 BB: t9,960 (Hero) UTG: t12,005 UTG+1: t13,811 MP: t18,460 Preflop: (t960) Hero is BB with (9 players) 4 folds, HJ calls t400, 3 folds, Hero raises to t1600, HJ raises to t8758 and is all-in, Hero calls t7158 Flop: (t18,076) (2 players) Turn: (t18,076) (2 players) River: (t18,076) (2 players) HJ showed , and w
  12. Just got home and late registered the Sunday Million with 20BB. Hoping for either a very short or a very long Sunday. GL all!
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