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  1. This one made me LMAO for some reason.
  2. Is this true?Don't know if I'd take it, but interesting to know for sure.
  3. You're trying to prove something that just doesn't exist. I don't even know why I'm bothering to explain myself to you... It isn't a "sad attempt" at anything- it's simply pointing out that you've drawn a totally incorrect conclusion- you will likely stick to it no matter what since neither of us have a God Camera to prove anything definitely, but nevertheless, you are wrong (and Jewish) no matter what you decide.1) I was very close to being robusto, but where I was at, given the year and upswing I had just experienced, was still certainly enough to live on for a few months and pay a few expen
  4. Actually, I just post them to make fun of you- you know- because you're a Jew...But I must admit, I do absolutely love watching you conjure up "deeper meaning" and prancing around, patting yourself on the back every time I post one as if it were some sort of concession of victory... I do LOL at that.
  5. A recent one.I had a pretty bad downswing and had to seek "real employment" for the first time in a while."Real employment" at a decent job isn't easy for me since I have a record, but it can be done... and I hate it.
  6. Let it dry then piss on it.
  7. Much like everything else I set my mind to and wind up doing, yes, I'm sure I will eventually wind up in the top 1% of fishery workers too.Life is so, so unfair...
  8. I dunno.Ask Don Giovanni. He knows.
  9. Yah, I'm not doing line processing.I will be doing something else.
  10. I think the in-processing place is in Juneau. Patience, grasshopper.
  11. This would be paying for it... I've come to really, really hate debt.
  12. Yeah, but there aren't any blacks or Jews either, so it's a trade I can live with. Meh, I live in the darkness on a voluntary basis. That's no sweat. I hate sunshine.
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