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  1. This one made me LMAO for some reason.
  2. Is this true?Don't know if I'd take it, but interesting to know for sure.
  3. You're trying to prove something that just doesn't exist. I don't even know why I'm bothering to explain myself to you... It isn't a "sad attempt" at anything- it's simply pointing out that you've drawn a totally incorrect conclusion- you will likely stick to it no matter what since neither of us have a God Camera to prove anything definitely, but nevertheless, you are wrong (and Jewish) no matter what you decide.1) I was very close to being robusto, but where I was at, given the year and upswing I had just experienced, was still certainly enough to live on for a few months and pay a few expen
  4. Actually, I just post them to make fun of you- you know- because you're a Jew...But I must admit, I do absolutely love watching you conjure up "deeper meaning" and prancing around, patting yourself on the back every time I post one as if it were some sort of concession of victory... I do LOL at that.
  5. A recent one.I had a pretty bad downswing and had to seek "real employment" for the first time in a while."Real employment" at a decent job isn't easy for me since I have a record, but it can be done... and I hate it.
  6. Let it dry then piss on it.
  7. Much like everything else I set my mind to and wind up doing, yes, I'm sure I will eventually wind up in the top 1% of fishery workers too.Life is so, so unfair...
  8. I dunno.Ask Don Giovanni. He knows.
  9. Yah, I'm not doing line processing.I will be doing something else.
  10. I think the in-processing place is in Juneau. Patience, grasshopper.
  11. This would be paying for it... I've come to really, really hate debt.
  12. Yeah, but there aren't any blacks or Jews either, so it's a trade I can live with. Meh, I live in the darkness on a voluntary basis. That's no sweat. I hate sunshine.
  13. At a processing plant.About $3600-$4.5K a month, which isn't too bad considering I can live really minimally and bank a bunch of cash.Would have to put off my degree, but that's no biggie.I stopped caring about seeking professions that correlate to my monstrous, painfully superior intellect- there is romance and value in good, old fashioned work. I can smoke weed there and no one cares.I hear the card games up there are *SIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIICK-A_ROO*. Tards coming in off the docks with pockets stuffed to the brim with cash from their deckhand shares ($15K, $20K, $25K and sometimes
  14. I would've gotten his $80 and kept the crabs.Went out again this morning- seven crabs in 3 hours, all small
  15. Q..F..M..F..TThe WSOP (and tournament poker in general) is in grave danger of jumping the shark. To be honest, I think it might have already happened and we won't realize it until there's a ME with 4K entries. The old days are gone, never to return, but I think the boom days might be just as behind us. People can become disinterested in this shit, if they don't manage it correctly. At present, The Poker Boom is in the same position as collectible baseball cards in the early 1990's. If the managers of tournies start to oversell, overstate or overvalue the game in an effort to falsely inflate th
  16. The quality of life in South Africa sure improved greatly after abolishing apartheid. I hear it's now a lovely place to live- what with it being free of "racism" and all.
  17. The check-raise on 4th was terrible. Maybe it's OK for the penny levels, but I see people do it at the higher levels too and it's an enormous red flag.I absolutely hate making that move on the same street as hitting your trips against relatively nonthreatening boards of your opponents- particularly so when you aren't regularly check-raising and it's something that's going to "stand out".All you're doing is potentially halting the action on subsequent streets and announcing to the world that you hit something there (or you have something already). Even Corky from Life Goes On would read you for
  18. They're (blues) more work than snow crabs (all the meat is in the body and the claws- no big meaty legs) but IMO Blues taste better. Stone Crab claws, FTW. Best eating crab of all time.
  19. He had the best of it buying them for $80. I regretted it the instant I agreed to it. Those were some damn nice crabs... The crappy little ones usually sell for $15-$20/dz. if you buy them from the fisherman a dozen at a time.There were at least 4 or 5 dozen, but they were HUGE.Kinda like how 1 pound lobsters sell for Y, but a 2 pound lobster might sell for Yx3- same with crabs. The bigger ones are more desirable than their equal weight in smaller ones.This dude got, say, 5 dozen huge crabs that were probably worth 15 dozen "regular" sized crabs.
  20. Worst loss ever. Seriously.Spend the better part of Wednesday pulling up INSANE crabs.I was running 3 metal star traps and 2 cloth pots- fish carcasses, an eel and chicken skins as bait.Filled up a 5 gallon bucket so fast that I had to go steal a few milk crates from outside this restaurant in order to hold the rest.All crabs were very big- got to the point that I was throwing "eating sized" crabs back and just keeping the monsters.Never had a run like this w/ crabs.Some retarded fisherman at the end of the pier- who was apparently quite the crab fan- offered to buy my haul.We negotiated the p
  21. You are the 1 pound $5.99 tardburger w/ fries and coke served at bars, pubs and restaurants all across the world.
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