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  1. $40 buy-in ... $40 re-buys for full starting stack .... $20 add-on for 1/2 stack
  2. Thanks for the replies.I think i can handle 7 - 8 hrs.
  3. A buddy is having a tourney with the following blinds and starting chips. As well as full re-buys for 2 hours and add ons after 2hrs.How long do you think it will take to finish? My estimate is at least 12 hrs.20 ppl, Start stack = 800 ; Blinds as follows below. 1st two levels are 1hr blinds, after that it goes to 30min.Also, it's a home game, so no designated dealer and there will be lost of ppl who won't know the betting. Any estimates on time would be greatly appreciated. I'm trying to figure out if I want to spend the time it will take to play.Thx4/85/1010/2015/3025/5050/10075/150100/2
  4. what's the story with this tourney?I know there were some maintenance issues or something today, but when I click on my ticket, it won't bring up the details.Is this tourney still happening today?
  5. OK .. here's my question ...When do I have to go to the table to sit down?, and how do I get there?When I go to view the tourney it says I'm registered and there is a button to click that say's "PLAY NOW", but obviously I can't play yet bc it hasn't started yet.Will this open up a few minutes before the start time.Today is the only evening I can play, so I don't want to miss itThx for any help
  6. k .. I think I'm already registered, at least it says I am, but how do I know where, I.e. what table I'm playing on??Do I just log into FCP Poker and wait for a pop-up or something, or do I have to find the tourney and sit myself down?
  7. Ok, now that you've opened the thread how about a little infoI'm registered to play in the Round 1 Protege thingy, all signed up and whatnot. How do I know where to go to play this thing?Do I just go back to "my accout", where I found the ticket for the tourney?Some general help would be appreciated.I'm an online poker virgin, so please no anal.
  8. Go into "my account" ... I got an email with the link, but you should be able to find it on the site, then just log in and any tickets will be shown at the bottom of that page
  9. Well, I don't know,The tourney for the 6th is up right now, and that doesn't start for 1 Days 7 Hours 19 Minutes?Anway, maybe I'll just wait until Monday night and try thencheers,ray.
  10. Can someone help me out and explain if I can sign up for say the Monday, Jan 9th tourney in advance.I'm looking at the sign up, in "My accout" and it seems like the only tourney I can sign up for right now is the first one on the 6th. If I want to play on the 9th, do I just wait until a few hours before the tourney and then sign up?Any help is appreciatedray.
  11. This should definitely be looked into. Great Idea!
  12. First of all, why such a big jump in blinds, 1000-2000 to 3000-6000 ... seems a bit crazy.Anyway, I think these blinds force you to push here. If not, you're going to be forced to put 1/4 of your chips in on the very next random hand you pick up, leaving you with 12500 - 3300 = 9200 and blinds at 3000-6000, so you're forced to push on the next hand anyway. I'm happy to go with J,10 here and let it play out as it may.
  13. Daniel,I also have a question .....If a tree falls in the woods, but no one is around to hear it, does it still make a sound?
  14. . Well ... perhaps Go back and read some of my posts. You, like most uneducated people will form an opinion based on one event. Just like how when you won that tourney w/ your friends for a $50 profit and suddenly realized you were a phenomenal poker player. . Wouldn't this be a nice change. Then I could weed out all this cr@p before every other innocent person had to be subject to it. Ahhhhhh ..... Yes I am. . If you had a difficult time coming up with an answer then you sir, may very well be one of the retards posting in general. Have you had your medication today? .MY GOODNESS! .... I
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