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  1. shitty sunday...lost more than i should...why do i bet on football when i suck at it...if i stick to baseball i do pretty decent..fml...
  2. peter lugers in brooklyn..best steak i have ever hadal italian beef..chicagoumbertos..little italy..nycjoes stone crab..miami..flpat's steaks...philly
  3. very good movie...balwdin was good, but woods was sick good...
  4. richard pryordave chapalledana gouldbrian reagandon wrinklesdave attelgreg girladoeddie murphy
  5. i liked ddl in gangs a hell out of alot, but i gotta say deniro in bull is on another level..and im not even all that big of a deniro guy<obv im a pacino guy> to say that roarke trumped bobby d's prefromance is saying alot...i have to see it for myself ...i like eastwood alot too, but i dont find him diverse enough to say how great he is...must be hard playing the tough guy every movie...im not saying that he isnt good, i just dont know if we have seen alot of range from him..
  6. hey...i have just recently come back to this fine place...all is well , thanks for asking....i came back and am m aking a promise to add the exact same amount of content as i did before....yes, thats right absolutely zero ..lol...thanks for the wat up mr jackson
  7. yeah, ive been dying to see this ..ive heard nothing but good things,,,but usaully that means i will hate the movie tho so i put it off...i need to see this i guess
  8. do you know what san diego means?? the whales vagina....
  9. seriously bro put the laptop down and go outside and try to get laid...it seems you are all backed up...why do i picture you driving a panel van wearing flip flops and a rush t-shirt with a bad accent....try to laugh more, it helps...dont worry screech, im sure it will turn around soon enough...
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