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  1. ok so say it's the first hand, blinds are 5/10 you all have 1500 chips, you have no reads on your opponent...everyone folds to him, he limps for 10, then you pick up 99 from the CO, you raise to 40, everyone folds, and he calls...then you see the Th 9h Js flop...what do you do if you have no reads on him and he bets 1/2 pot?what do you do if he checks, you bet 60 , and he raises to 180 ?
  2. in Daniel Negreanu's book it says "In these situations, it's often better to check the flop and see what develops on the turn before committing any more chips to the pot. You can even do this with strong hands. For example, if you have 99 on a flop of 9h 10h Js, checking wouldn't be a bad play at all. If the turn card is a 7,8, queen, king, or heart, you could limit a loss that may have been inevitable."What do you guys think of this? on that flop with 99, wouldn't you want to get it all in?
  3. Daniel, I was recently reading McManus' "Positively Fifth Street" and he talks about how you busted out of the 2000 WSOP ME when you got your aces cracked.Along with the beats you took that you explained in this blog at the LA Poker Classic, Medic took you out of recent tournament where you also went out on aces.You love cracking other players aces, but obviously you hate when your aces get cracked.As Lon McCearn said when you kicked out that amateur in the WSOP ME "pocket aces aren't all what they're cracked up to be".I know your smallball approach is "live by the gun, die by the gun", but
  4. Daniel,I understand your reasoning and the fact that you emphasize pot control. At first I thought checking was the better play, but betting the turn can get weaker kings to call, and protect from the draw incase he had 53. But the Grinder is very capable of floating to try to steal the pot, and double barrelling does take this play away from him...if he raises you can fold. But, if you check and call his turn bet, what will you do on the river if he fires a big bet?
  5. Did anyone else listen to this, I thought it was hilarious...DN was ripping everyone apart in the nicest and funniest kind of ways. I love it when he uses different voices when talking about other players. btw, that Clonie "McGowan" part was hilarious.Also, thanks for the explanation on the math vs feel players and pot odds. It helped me clarify how to think about a bet on the river. I think that T.J. example is pretty extreme, but I think it illustrated the point, he's not a calling station on the river like Andy Bloch.all in all, a great episode
  6. I heard Gavin Smith say that to counter his smallball strategy you have to vary your continuation bet amounts and frequencies, and you must be able to check a good hand to the smallballer who has position on you, then you throw in a raise or call depending on the strength of your hand, board texture, read..etc
  7. First, i would have bet atleast 1/2 pot on the flop .As played I bet 1/2 of the pot b/c you want to play a medium sized pot with your TPGK, if he raises, i'll probably fold. I like betting here because he could be "floating here" or be bluffing with an unimproved pocket pair like 55 or 66 here.
  8. This hand kind of reminds me of Dan Harrington's 2004 WSOP squeeze play. We all know how tight he is. He noticed Arieh raising from every position with marginal starting hands. Raymer calls with A2 knowing this. So, dan took his 62 and reraised them big... and they both folded. So, if you're projecting that type of image I think it's ok to raise to $10,000 here since it will be respected and you know that the caller doesn't need a great hand to call his raise.Also, your hand is garbage, if you had something like 87s where you would like to see a flop with I would prob just call, but since your
  9. I would call, and fold to a bet if another high card comes out. However, if he calls, i'll bet 1/2-2/3 of the pot to try to take it away from him if a low card comes. Your call on the flop is basically a bluff...With a good turn bet, you could make him fold TT or a lower PP, but he's not folding the overpairs and AJ
  10. Good book, teaches you how to make a decision on a hand like a pro.He goes through the mental checklist which is helpful. Also, unlike HOH3, its easier to read and he goes through hands that he played, not that others played, so he will tell you exactly what he thought in the situation. It's the LGB in practice
  11. I check the turn to deny the opponent information about my hand, kinda like what Negreanu did to that Aussie guy in the WSOP when he said "quick, what is it, pocket 4's or pocket 6's"
  12. PokerStars No-Limit Hold'em Tourney, Big Blind is t20 (9 handed) Hand History Converter Tool from FlopTurnRiver.com BB (t1480)UTG (t1490)UTG+1 (t1780)MP1 (t1610)Hero (t1560)MP3 (t1690)CO (t1260)Button (t1460)SB (t1170)Preflop: Hero is MP2 with Q A .2 folds, MP1 raises to t60, Hero calls t60, MP3 calls t60, 2 folds, SB calls t50, 1 fold.Flop: (t260) A 3 K (4 players)SB checks, MP1 bets t160, Hero raises to t420, MP3 folds, SB folds, MP1 calls t260.Turn: (t1100) T (2 players)MP1 checks, Hero checks.River: (t1100) 6 (2 players)MP1 bets t200, Hero calls t200.Final Pot: t1500 How did i
  13. Besides Gavin and Daniel, who are the best canadian players? discuss
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