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  1. I was a government employee and then I got caught smuggling drugs through customs so now I will soon be a guest of the government.
  2. If the United States of America needed an enema Washington, D.C. is where you would stick it. That place is the $hit hole of the nation.
  3. roland the headless thompson gunner - warren zevon
  4. Name dropping is only allowed in Daniel's blog
  5. Steven Seagal got shaken down by the mob. . .http://www.crimelibrary.com/criminal_mind/...agal/index.html
  6. The first time I played live at the MGM I did this all night long. Oh,before I forget, I also played with my chips right out of the rack
  7. I like the excalibur. It's cheap and kind of in the middle
  8. Anal, when it comes to women the answer is always anal.
  9. Only played through it once so far but it seems to be alright. If you can get it for $10 at target or best buy I'd say pick it up.
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