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  1. CALPOLY ?Shouldn't you be studying?
  2. Finally someone who has a little sense.You don't move to vegas and immediately live off your winnings.That is something you graduate to.I am glad you recognize that. I really wish you success soon so you can quit your new vegas day job.As far as something I can add to your actual post, sorry - I am just a message pimper.
  3. I will buy this game and beat Danial into submission.
  4. It may take me a while to get to 1000. But I will add this one to make it one more.
  5. Last time the topic of Barry (players) came up - you haters came out in force against Barry.Bluff Magazine has Barry #1 in Player of the year standings.Just had to revisit a old wound - I stood up for Barry and he is not letting me down.Go away haters!!!!(Hey take all this in fun - we can all get along)http://www.bluffmagazine.com/players/poy.asp
  6. I was told yesterday the new date for Stacked is April 28th.Come on. Is this true? Will it ever be released? :angry:Wait the website now says - 5/2/2006............. Daniel Help ~!!!!
  7. I am Poker ChampI am Slim ShadyI am sitting here wondering why all the hate mail.I am not poker chump nor grammer champ.Grow up.
  8. I was looking back at Mike's blogs and found almost an identical blog in October 2005 when he said he was quiting.We'll See.
  9. I said I llike his play.Now he is out.But look back. He had K 8 and flopped a set.Pushed in and his opponent had A 8.Still a good push in my mind. Just bad luckNot like the good luck spoken so often about in this forum
  10. I LOVE THIS GAMEMy skills are getting better and it is a great gameI understand the difficulty in casinosSometimes these games can be really complex in spliting pots and side pots.
  11. Look past the mirror.I am usually out talking with friends and co-workers.I am not in a forum making 100's of post a day. (just dropping in a couple times a day)I guess I am a little older than most of you youngersters.Most of my friends are actual neighbors.Most of your friends are people you see online.
  12. What am I hearing? Barry is a model of consistency. The guy has a true poker players mind. Just thinking about the IQ of this guy makes my eyes spin.
  13. Okay - Maybe I like forums.Leaning a lot about them still.But COME ON!!!.I just saw that "GOLDEN" has 130 post today alone.I stop by - read a few - learning to post some.But 130 ~!!!!!What is it that these people have to say that's so darn important?Just my thoughts - sorry to over post at 2 or 3 a day.
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