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  1. sbrugby = brian townsend and I think he probably kicked the crap out of the game and won big. guy is just sick good.
  2. Unbelievable. Your a piece of ****.
  3. I don't post here often anymore. Well I never really did post much but I checked in for some WSOP talk. Just my opinion but I think this idea along with some of the responses is tasteless. Remember thousands of people getting killed with a deck of cards that shows the buildings blowing up/falling. With people jumping to their deaths instead of burning to death included. You want to remember? Say a prayer for their families. I know I haven't forgot anything. For what its worth I'm a fireman in NYC.
  4. JJ went down to AQ off all in preflop. He made a 5 high str8 on the turn. I hate donkaments.
  5. 2nd break. Just messed up a hand. Had a little over 8000 a minute ago, but now down to 4700 because of a very bad decision. Oh well, not dead yet. gl man.
  6. yeah i saw just dont know how to delete this.
  7. perfect. ty erac. Now how do you play poker?
  8. Wish I knew how to erase that other thread. Anyway like i said there this is my first time playing on the site. How do you see what the other guy had? Its also hard to tell how much raises are if your not in the hand. Any help? Don Key E37 by the way
  9. Whos in? Also since this is my first time playing on the site. How do you see what the other guy had? Its also hard to tell how much raises are if your not in the hand. Any help?
  10. yes party BJ is rigged. 11 cents in my party account. they need penny BJ tables.
  11. My advice. Quit playing shorthanded limit holdem. Yes you can make money, but only at the cost of your sanity. Take up no limit, you can make a lot more bets per 100, just play better than I do . And yes NL cash games are for people that can play postflop as well as preflop. As oppossed to donkaments where if its in the first hour you stick all the money in on the flop, as oppossed to the end where you stick it all in preflop. NL cash games are where its at. Now if only i was good Oh yeah the leak I'm trying to work on is 1. quit playing kq off (alltogether its just not worth it) or k
  12. I don't play this high, and I'm not sure about the reraise preflop, I wouldn't do it. But river is perfect. nh.
  13. I did the free thing there last year. And then did the deposit bonus thing too. I cashed out a couple grand from there and it was always real slow. I remember one time I tried to cash out 1000 and like a week and a half later they sent me 500, and then another 500 in another week. I don't play there anymore but they did end up getting it all to me eventually.
  14. Thats pretty bad but I still don't think I'll ever see anything to top this. Losing 38k on one hand playing 2 4 limit has to take the cake.http://forumserver.twoplustwo.com/showthre...e=0#Post4982841
  15. I also misunderstood at first. For 80 I'm sure I'm beat but no way I can fold. For 220 I can find a fold here. Your screwed and you knew it. If it wasn't aj or jj I'd be suprised, could even be 66 if this is 6 max, which I'm guessing it was. But I've made a lot worse calls.
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