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  1. mixing up your play does not involve calling with hands you should raise. it involves raising with hands you should call. this is an easy cap, all day long. if you want to mix it up, make the same play with 89s.
  2. What would you be basing that on though?I can't say that i have any way of knowing that they dont, but i cant imagine "most" players having it.There must be some way of getting that stat.impossible to know. but the information pokertracker provides requires a skilled player behind it or its useless.
  3. You're right about the 15/30 game. Sometimes it is like a bad 2/4 limit game. lol That happens when a select group of people show up. Somedays its better to play 5/10 because you have 9 good player show up. That used to happen most of the time.But apparently its gotten real juicy lately. [/code]no, ive played with the regulars. they arent very good. i would imagine almost all of them would get crushed in a party 15 game, which would correspond with the results you are reporting.
  4. this thread is filled with some horrible information. ive played the 15 game at halifax, it plays like 3-6 online, and thats generous. the 15 games on many online sites play like 40-80 live.
  5. ok, now be honest zwall, did my post make you feel stupider, or did prtypsux's post make you feel stupider. we have a bet.
  6. what did the one male nurse say to the other male nurse...
  7. slow down, breathe, formulate the words in your head before you type them. and i hate to break it to you, but daniel makes money when other players make mistakes. this is how poker works. those players dont want to make mistakes. they are trying hard not to make mistakes. these are honest mistakes. just my fellings about the situation... :shock:
  8. sounds very fullfilling.EDIT: i just realized you are a male nurse.
  9. I hope your great job doesnt involve writing anything down. Maybe you should have spent more time studying and less time worrying about those poor people at the bank, while you were in school. oh, and by the way, your pal danny, he makes his living by exploiting peoples honest mistakes.
  10. Please don't advertise that you are from Canada! You're making the rest of us look bad!at least he didnt spell it 'youse'.
  11. justblaze


    is it true that if you dont use it, you lose it?
  12. yea theyre top notch - you always want your RNG to be easily discoverable.
  13. In the poker game I play pocket kings usually beat a flush draw or any draw for that matter....... :?not always. an up and down straight draw with a flush draw on the flop is favoured against KK.
  14. When you get 3bet by a hand that dominates you and it's heads up.But that almost never happens at rama or brantford.ive played both these games, but only drunk. be prepared for some of the most hilarious idiocy of your life.
  15. Of course.But it's not as easy as beating 2/4 playing ABC.I think you can be [One more side question. is beating the 5/10 doable playing SSHE, SS ABC poker doable?I think you can beat pretty much any limit on party if you play SSHE type poker - as long as you have good table selection.The thing is, playing by SSHE guidelines won't maximize your winrate. As you move up, your oppponents get better/trickeier. LP's turn to LAGs and TP's turn to rocks. You can still win playing by SSHE, but you have to know how to play against different opponents. Also, since you rarely play multiway-large pots
  16. agreed. also, Egarim, please post your reasoning instead of trying to sound smart, because at this point i think you are quite wrong.
  17. wow, this is horrible advice. Its definitely a tell - you, for instance, clearly do not have a grasp of poker theory. If you did, you would realize that buying in for less than the max a) costs you in terms of EV every time you could have gotten more money in the pot or B) saves you money because you are -EV in the game and therefore shouldnt be there in the first place. people buy in for less than the max all the time in my games (5-10 SH HE) and invariably they are all bad.
  18. 6 max has ruined me. i totally forget how to play preflop from EP. dammit.
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