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  1. It's posts like this that remind me how gay this forum has become lately....
  2. What, you have info to prove otherwise? I don't think Chau is even playing in the big game anymore he lost so much.
  3. I don't understand how everyone can have chau on there. He has lost so much money in cash games lately and has done very little in tournaments.
  4. 1 billion times better than the old forum. I could not reply simply because it was so slow in the old forum.
  5. haven't posted in a while but this post was so ****in stupid, I had to come in and remind the OP of how ****in stupid he is.
  6. Oppenheim is one of the best in the world at SH LHE, I'm not surprised at this result. Then again, it is only 30 big bets.
  7. you are a donk and you are dead money.
  8. To Daniel,I just wanted to start a thread and commend you for all you do for the poker community. I see you touched on how busy you are with all your different projects for different magazines and I would just like to say that I enjoy reading them all.People need to realize that this is Daniel's site and he is free to write about what he wants! There are so many other pros that offer far less in terms of reaching out to fans, and that is their choice too, which is totally up to them! I think out of all pros today, Daniel has the best relationship with his fans, and that is demonstrated by his
  9. If your point is that Phil should not be complaining about doing so well, you have to understand Phil Ivey. He was the best player left at that point and had a good size stack. He misplayed a hand that he did not need to commit himself that much with and that cost him the tourney.
  10. I'd like to know if daniel has ever heard of the guy. Most big game players probly know the few other people in the world who actually play that high stakes.
  11. Ya we get to see the EPT and the coverage is pretty good. Id rather watch that then listen to Mike Sexton on the WPT shows. I have also been following this years events on the pokerstars blog. I was hoping Noah Boeken would take this one down again but it wasn't to be.
  12. Is it just me, or did anyone else think this would be bad ettiquette to talk about your hand like that while someone else is thinking. I remember something similar happen in an old WSOP where a guy told another guy what he had the TJ cloutier got mad and said you better be lying if u pull something like that.
  13. Good luck Daniel...this guy is a very very good player.
  14. See I live in Canada so we get to watch the EPT tournaments televised and there was some very good Swedes.What the hell is a poker union?
  15. Im just wondering....maybe you can answer this because you are closer geographically.....Whats the poker scene like in Sweden. It seems like there are tons of good pros and amateurs from Sweden and lots of online players from Sweden. Is there lots of places to play brick and mortar?
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