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  1. I don't know why but this made me laugh out loud. nh
  2. Well you got more out of it than me then. Another example of the power of alchohol.
  3. Yup!! I am not really sick of poker it's more of being sick of bad poker players. You get used to the bad beats but the bad play seems to be getting brutal lately. I would rather play with players who know at least some of the advanced techniques in poker rather than some beginner. And I can't go up high enough in limits to get away from these bad players. Just getting annoying.Why is it that poker is the only type of sport(sport may not be the right word but you get the drift) That people think that playing better competition will be easier to win?? I just dont get it. Its like saying I
  4. what was shannon elizabeth thinking???
  5. never heard of that tv show. it's called NUMBERS?
  6. he's not going toYou really think he could win that lottery?
  7. lock it up delete it whatever. I have the flu and I think the nyquil has turned my brain to moosh.
  8. Do you not see how silly this statment is?I do now.
  9. I personally think that this is not a meaningless thread. There are so many terms used in poker but none for being rivered. I think that it would be pretty cool if someone on this site came up with a funny term for being rivered and then hear someone on tv use it.
  10. Full ring game aj is the owest i will play unless i am on the button and the i wll go as low as a9. 6 max table i will play ace anything and most of the time raise with it. 6 max table however i will not call a raise with anything less than AQ.
  11. All the whitty and funny flames you folks come up with and this is the best that you can come up with. Come on
  12. Now that's good.nah not really. pretty immature if you ask me. and not even funny to a rac ist i wouldn't think.
  13. Ok. Don't like it though. Come on guys. I want that baby Hellmuth to use a term that one of you came up with for being rivered when he busts on espn next year.
  14. i think the deadline for being a charter member was nov. 31, 2005...i dont think oure a charter member.Not sure who you are talking to and if you are talking to me I don't kno what you mean.
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