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  1. Yeah maybe just paranoid. You don't think this could be a case where one has Aces and the other one is trying to get me to call?Its just weird that one of them limp-3bets and the other one calls-caps preflop.
  2. I was just on a Stars 6-max 3/6 LHE table and it was 5 handed.Hand went like this: [people in question are UTG and BB]I had [Ac 10d]UTG calls, I raise, 2 people fold, BB calls, UTG 3BETS, I call, BB CAPS, UTG calls, I call.FLOP: [5s 7s 2c]BB checks, UTG checks, I check.TURN: [5s 7s 2c][7c]BB bets, UTG calls... at this point I dont know whats going on and I fold.RIVER: [5s 7s 2c][7c][Qh]BB bets, UTG FOLDS. Now I just thought this was suspicious at this point, then I decided to do a locale check just for the hell of it. To my surprise both opponents were in the Netherlands in separate towns abo
  3. You gotta call this. 1, it's HU!2, besides being HU, it's the first hand, call for info.3, it's HU!Whats C/R'ing? flush draw, A high gutshot draw (or A-6/T) but more likely just A high, J-T/x open draw... The thing is it's first hand HU, you're either going to have the best hand a decent amount of time, or you'll get info on villian (what did he 3bet with pf, whats he raising turn with, flop action with...)Call, and you might see him check the river, if not, i still call down.
  4. Hi all, haven't been around, played live the other day and this hand came up.8/16 with a half kill, no read on villian. I'm going to try and remember the exact hand, this one wasn't a kill hand.I'm on the BB with Q2o.PF there are 3 limps, complete, and i check.FLOP comes QsTs2xSB checks, I *check*, next guy bets, 2 calls and 1 fold, I *check raise*, 3 calls.TURN comes QsTs2x AsI bet, flop bettor raises, everyone else folds to me... I call.RIVER comes QsTs2x As JhI check, he bets, I...So i have no read on this guy just yet... flush got there, straight got there, no read so I dont know what hes
  5. I fold pf3bet flopAs played I bet the turn, and then the river, well I'll check or sometimes bet. I don't know which one is better. If you're sure he would call with a 9 or T or PP I think I might bet.As for pf, I'd call there if there was no raise, the raise f's up the implied odds.
  6. If he's uber passive, I'm not 3betting the flop, but I am calling down to showdown. ALthough that J on the river makes me want to fold there.
  7. Didn't write a general read, just the observation of a couple people cold calling big -higher pairs... But yeah in general, a lot of players are loose agg.Are you folding the flop? I admit the turn bet was bad, I wasn't thinking, just continuing from the flop raise and hoping to bet off A high (or air/a flop bluff) and it was just a bad bet BC the J paired (and I had no read on this villian). Followed by the river. Didn't raise the turn, but I admit the bet there was bad. See what i wrote above
  8. 10-20 WPex no read on villian5 players fold, I raise with Kd8c in CO, 2 more folds, BB calls.FLOP: [Jh, 5s, 5c]BB bets, I raise, BB calls.TURN: [Jh, 5s, 5c][Js]BB checks, I bet, BB calls.RIVER: [Jh, 5s, 5c][Js][4d]BB checks, I bet...Obviously going to fold to a raise...Also I swear no one 3bets pf JJ, 99, or even KK-QQ pf lately on that site...
  9. Check out the Wikipedia entry on Kazakhstan and look at the pic under politics.
  10. Last itme i checked it was still in the game
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