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  1. i would think playing mid pairs would be even more valuable, really for set value.
  2. good call on the maximins. wow game theory can make your brain hurt. its a von neumann poker model if anyone cares to check that out, pretty cool stuff, even proves that in the above situation that betting the pot is the best idea.
  3. yeah, the problem i am having is figuring out exactly how much fold equity the first player has by betting. i mean player 2 knows that 1 only is going to bet when he feels like he is getting the best of it. but optimally, 2 has to call when he feels he is best only 25% of the time. so is 2 calling with anything better than .25. we know this isnt right since 1 would not raise the bet with .25 as he would not be best >=50%. i believe that 2 calls a raise only when he is going to be better than .5 in a 4:1 ratio. So i think 2's magic calling a raise number is .625. 1 wants a free showdown with
  4. so i love my professor, but he stole my bonus question off of another website. I need a little help here from the math guys, well here we go. Ok, since you guys like poker here is a game for you to play. Two players each put 1 unit into the pot. Each player gets a random number uniformly distributed between 0 and 1. Each player knows the value of his number but not the value of his opponent's number. The first player is then given an opportunity to bet one additional unit. If the first player doesn't bet there is a showdown and the player with the highest number collects the antes. If the fir
  5. Players who can beat the 10/20 game for a bit over 3bb/100 (and there are a few good players who can), should be able to beat the 5/10 game for close to 4bb/100.I can't, but some can. without perfect table selection and seat position, i seriously want to see someone beat 10/20 for 3bb/100 over more than 25k hands. 4bb/100 at 5/10 is crazy as well.
  6. bumping this for the people that havent read it, freakin hilarious
  7. ok, i change my answer. a bottle of wine later, i am just getting pissed. decided to play a few nl tourneys, not my specialty, but fun anyway. AK all in pre-flop gets beat by AQs, ATs on a A85 flop, run down by K5 on the trips river. i may have to kill someone. that or just drink another bottle of wine and think about how due for a bad swing i am. lol.
  8. when it goes that bad that fast, its hilarious isnt it. you play your normal game and everyone has the stone cold nuts against you. you really cant stop it. i miss the sick upswing i had last week end. up 9.xx BB/100
  9. oh, it doesnt bother me at all. i have 50k hands at this limit with a solid win rate. unfortunate non-poker circumstances have made me cash out chunks of money which have kept me bankrolled for only this limit. this was just my first WOW downswing. the speed and drastic nature of it suprised me. i am still rolled properly, and i may review a few of the hands to see if i made any major errors, but when the cards go against you, not much you can do. Variance is a bitch. i just thought i would share with some of the less experienced players that havent had the pleasure of a wicked downswing. funn
  10. i think i am in the running. down 100BB in just over 1000 hands, actually started making a comeback in there so it was more like 700 hands at its worst point. its actually been hilarious, set over set, second nut flushes vs nut flush. making the nut flush to see the board pair on the river and crying call to see the boat. my vpip is all the way down to 13% from 18-19, just a horrible run of cards. this is my worst downswing ever, but i'm laughing about it. quitting for the night to go have some beers. actually lost a 25BB buyin in 26 hands. Didnt win a single pot, lol. OK, the reason for th
  11. nutbar the lowest limit table you can find. plain and simple it works for me. i'll do that until i win a 15+BB pot with a runner runner trips when i raised 3-7 utg. then i move back to my normal limit.
  12. nah, there is more than one villain in this scenario.
  13. in my edition its on page 93, the section on heads up vs multiway. well the scenario is that you have AsKc and the flop comes down Ad10c3d. the player to your right bets into you. it says that you may just want to call since you wont lose a four flush, but you will knock out a gutshot or second pair. well, while we do want the gutshot and second pair calling, and we very well could be beaten by two pair or a set. do we not want to charge the four flush a price that the pot is not laying? Lets say we know for a fact that a player to our left has KdQd. If the pot is still fairly small, assuming
  14. winning 9.61BB/100 over my last 1818 hands this weekend. this coming right after dropping about 75BB the couple days before in like a heartbeat.
  15. well, there are always posts about fixing leaks, and since i dont remember a good one lately, please post the leak that you still do even though you know it is wrong. Personally, i play suited aces and small pairs too much up front. I seem to think that its still going to get 5 handed and make my play smart, but inevitably it gets raised later, and I go to the flop heads up, out of position, and with the worst of it.
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