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  1. I see in the thread title that there's gonna be updates, but by the look of the OP I'm not sure. Will he be providing updates today or is it gonna be a pokernews.com following?
  2. You look like the guys I've been running into lately. Well played...... :rolleyes:Edit: oh, and: http://www.fullcontactpoker.com/poker-foru...showtopic=98031
  3. Joel McHale....yeah, great show. He's a pretty funny dude.
  4. LOLOLOLOL!!! I think the fact that I've seen you on my rails/others rails makes this even funnier than it already is!!!!! Very well done....new youtube sensation???
  5. I'd also take Beasley vs Mayo straight up for $100 or less. Any serious injury, either way, would void the bet.
  6. I was watching ESPN Classic late one night a few weeks ago when the tourney where DN and Bonetti went HU for the title (US Poker Championship, i believe) and he said on there that Bonetti was like a father figure to him at that time. GG John....GG.Edit: The '99 USPC, i believe.
  7. I'm officially a Miami Heat fan. Since I live nowhere near an NBA team, I just follow former Jayhawks and root for them. So currently I am a Sonics/Bulls/Celtics/Trail Blazers/Spurs/Hornets/Pacers/Grizzlies/Heat/Cavaliers fan........but only partly.
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