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  1. i did not think i was that influential.
  2. best season of bates motel so far. they shed some of the side-plots around town so it was much more focused. and vera is great!
  3. qyayqi

    The Hideout

    opened a bottle of EVOO. cut my finger on the metal lid. blood everywhere. teal wanders into kitchen, sees the mess, asks what happened. i say i cracked open the olive oil & they were freakin' serious about the extra-virgin part.
  4. i am clearing some movies off the pvr. i don't stream any, so i record random stuff to watch. eventually i feel like watching movies & work my way through some of them. i also have all of this season's bates motel & better call saul to get through. for those it'll probably be 2 a day once i get rolling.
  5. chappie (2015). i don't know, man. i just don't know. i think i'm negatively impacted by hoping for some laughs this morning and not realizing this wasn't that movie. 58/100.
  6. proof (2005). paltrow crushes it. gyllenhaal is less believable as a math guy, maybe it is the script but the character seems a little dumbed down. anthony hopkins does a fine if not exceptional job. the sister was maddening, but she was supposed to be, so: well done! paltrow crushes it. could have used more actual math. 83/100.
  7. a fern on the wide side will balance the space.
  8. i went & watched the clip, then listened to the original song. THEN i saw a version by the proclaimers. i like their music, so i gave it a listen. they slowed down the tempo of it too much. i peeked at the comments and saw a suggestion to play it at 1.25x speed. much better!
  9. stranger than fiction (2006). it has been a few years since i watched it, it still sucked me right in. 87/100. little did qyayqi know, he was about to say screw it and bump the score up. 88/100. not a lot. enough to make him rethink how he was scoring movies.
  10. qyayqi

    The Hideout

    if i get shot, i will be doing my best to not fall down in a cross-related pose.
  11. the duff (2015). i initially thought the lead was also in detention, but i was wrong. however, this actress did a fine job for the type of movie this is. high school movies don't exactly speak to me anymore, but it was funny enough. 71/100.
  12. nothing but the truth (2007). that ending, man. man, that ending. i watched this after noticing vera farmiga was in it. 6.5/10. i don't think that ending did what the director thought it did. 2007. he m night'd the shit out of it.
  13. thenextrembrandt project that computer-generated a rembrandt-like painting is pretty interesting, though it would have been nice if they'd included some notthenextrembrandt iterations where the algorithm went horribly wrong along the way to a successful one. ie: thenextrembrandt project, day 1: not as human as we had hoped, but we are confident the algorithm will evolve. ... day 278: eureka!
  14. the third man. holds up well(es). could use a few more explosions and a little less zither, but enjoyed the re-watch.
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