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  1. I see in the thread title that there's gonna be updates, but by the look of the OP I'm not sure. Will he be providing updates today or is it gonna be a pokernews.com following?
  2. You look like the guys I've been running into lately. Well played...... :rolleyes:Edit: oh, and: http://www.fullcontactpoker.com/poker-foru...showtopic=98031
  3. Joel McHale....yeah, great show. He's a pretty funny dude.
  4. LOLOLOLOL!!! I think the fact that I've seen you on my rails/others rails makes this even funnier than it already is!!!!! Very well done....new youtube sensation???
  5. I'd also take Beasley vs Mayo straight up for $100 or less. Any serious injury, either way, would void the bet.
  6. I was watching ESPN Classic late one night a few weeks ago when the tourney where DN and Bonetti went HU for the title (US Poker Championship, i believe) and he said on there that Bonetti was like a father figure to him at that time. GG John....GG.Edit: The '99 USPC, i believe.
  7. I'm officially a Miami Heat fan. Since I live nowhere near an NBA team, I just follow former Jayhawks and root for them. So currently I am a Sonics/Bulls/Celtics/Trail Blazers/Spurs/Hornets/Pacers/Grizzlies/Heat/Cavaliers fan........but only partly.
  8. Ugh...I give up with you. You seem to be good at taking something I say, picking out one part of it, totally ignoring the rest, and posting one of these replies. Good day.
  9. Obv. if the line is too good to pass up, then the value is in the underdog...but in my sportsbetting experiences (which I haven't done in a little while), betting on baseball is more about taking the matchups than going off of the price, since it's usually much closer to even on the games than other sports.
  10. The examples I gave showed the guys who won ROY played on a bad team THAT YEAR too. Sure, their teams were bad the year before to get a somewhat high draft pick, but the year they actually won the award they were not good. You're argument there makes no sense. My point was that, imo, Portland will have a better team with more quality players this year than Miami, therefore Beasley's numbers will be bigger and better, thus winning the ROY.Edit: And I'm not saying guys win the ROY just because they are on a bad team...I think I've stated over and over my point and not looking to argue over s
  11. My advice for the next few days while it still applies...bet more AL, unless you hate money. It looks like all your bets or possible bets are all on NL teams, while the AL has been kicking the ever loving shit out of the NL in inter-league play. GL. Also, still awaiting your reply in the NBA draft thread......
  12. Hmmmmmm....I hadn't seen that yet, thanks.
  13. I can somewhat understand it when Raymer, Hachem, Gold, etc. complain about running bad/taking bad beats cuz they are human, but at the same time nobody REALLY wants to hear it when they previously ran like god for 5+ days to take down a tourney that's become the biggest donkfest this side of the 100k.Oh, and I used to try to grind $2 NL, and can't do it anymore. Grinding on the micro mtt's/sng's until the roll gets big enough to play higher cash.
  14. LOL, ok then...tell me how it works, Mr. NBA.
  15. Recent ROY's:07-08 Kevin Durant - his team record that year 20-6206-07 Brandon Roy - his team record that year 32-5005-06 Chris Paul - his team record that year 38-4404-05 Emeka Okafor - his team record that year 18-6403-04 Lebron James - his team record that year 35-4701-02 Pau Gasol - his team record that year 23-59I could go further back than that, but that will show my point. The only one left out was Amare Stoudemire from Phoenix in 02-03 where he was the only ROY in the last 7 years to come off of a team w/ a winning record (44-38). It's been a pretty consistent thing for the ROY to co
  16. NFL Network comes as part of the "sports package" ($10 a month) for me. About 40 all-sports channels for 30 cents a day, WEEEEEEEEEEEE!!
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