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  1. she should pull her jersey up so we can all admire her tacky and terrible tattoogo panthers!
  2. i think what hes saying is raise and pick up the pot right there without letting him draw more cards but i dunno, ive had a few beerskind of a valid point, but hell, you do that once and the next time the guy is rereraising with those same rags
  3. not sure what OP meant by this, please explain?
  4. Pick football games like a newb?wow, get a life dude
  5. my thoughts exactlyhttp://fullcontactpoker.com/poker-forums/v...pic.php?t=43694
  6. there are a billion stupid commercials manpersonally im about sick of all those mens body spray commercials, especially the one where the black dude gets gang tackled by about 5 chicks. what kind of moron sees those commercials and actually thinks "if i buy this i will get laid"
  7. sorry douchebag, that i didnt check the forum instantly, i actually have a life outside of the internetthe steelers outplayed the colts in every possible way yesterday. i may actually believe in the rust factor now. good luck the rest of the way guys, i dont really have a favorite remaining but i will not be rooting against the steelersnow about the colts - dungy needs to go, for whatever reason he cant win in the playoffs, tampa knew this, the colts definitely know it now... after his sons suicide there was talk of him retiring to spend more time with his family hopefully he will just do that
  8. cant really blame the guy for being loyalthen again i know a steelers fan from west PA who has no doubt in his mind they are going down sunday... wise, wise man he is
  9. who is that in your avatar, is that kelly brook
  10. Must be a 13 yr old newb...dude at least get some original material
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