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  1. wow i was shocked and appaled when i started watching the british poker open on the score and greg raymer had something up in his pants it didnt appear to be a snack cause u could see the snickers bars in his front pocket wow i know the girls were hot but at least you could hide your chub
  2. for allu canadians watching the british poker open greg raymer was just sitting there with a big chub on tv its on the score
  3. well i think 9 out of 10 people have drove after drinking too much you were just one of the unfornuate ones that got caught
  4. i see i am not the only one who gets knocked out of every tourny with the best ****in hand
  5. deepstacks ****in suck they are so boring can anyother tournament last so long u get bored as **** and the are so ****in tite
  6. A DIRTY HITthe guy kimo rolled into him it was an accident jon kitna really didnt play that bad anyway
  7. i was playing at the cash casino in calgary i couldnt believe how soft that game wasi probobly got the worst cardds i have ever gottin in my life folding 14 out of 15 and then most of the time entering a pot i would make it between 40-50 and usually someone would call and depending on the cards i would continuation bet and usually take the small poti only won one decent pot all nite it was this guy all in for 160 i called in a second cause i flopped a full house he only had trips
  8. just a funny side note i busted the same women 7 times she kept min rebuying for 100 and she would call raises with 26 suited
  9. just sharing my thoughts cause i dumped a grand after a pretty decent $1100 doller win playing 1-2 no limitwinning $1100 was real crazy cause i was getting the worst cards ever for a 6 hour session but the donkeys like to pay 100 for gutshots
  10. my 2nd time on party i was stuck for like 200 so i loaded up 100 more and played 10/20 and cashed out 2400 a like 9 hours later i got really lucky but its defentily possible
  11. just one more thing i noticed that in almost everyhand in 10/20 online somebody trys to outplay you does anyone have the anwser to that
  12. i generally play 10/20 online the swings are huge i findi was just wondereing why there are more showdowns on the river online like at the casino maybe 25% of the time there is a showdown but it seems like closer to 50% of the time the hand is shown down just another question i found that say i have ak and i flop an ace i will generally win the pot with top pair but playing 6 handed online i cant seem to win onlinei really like the comment about what ivey said about being dead meat i think that might be part of the problem
  13. since i started playing poker about 1 year ago online i have never had any success playing cash games i consistently get smoked i never seem to have good hands hold up and am constantly being out drawn.on the other hand when i play online tournaments i seem to dominate it is totally crazy the difference in my results i do extremely well in tournamentsin the local casino i seem to do really well also i usually walk away with a profit after a evening of 15/30i was just wondereing if anyone would be able to tell me why i cant ever win at cash games online ??????????????
  14. this is how the local casino i play at isit is i find the most difficult to play it is alright to have maybe 2 or 3 really bad players/calling stations but when there is 7 or 8 it makes it near impossible to win when 6 people see the river consistentlymost of you may think oh just wait and pick your place but when u get a set of aces cracked by runner runner inside strait there is nothing skillful i found you can do but leave the table
  15. i am hopin that 2006 will be a little better too me
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