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  1. Why does Daniel, nice guy, get in so many ****en beefs with random people on the internet. I think it's cause he's a ***** *** ***** and doesn't confront anyone in real life. (Joe Rogan) Then writes in his little blog about how much he thinks people are donkeys without realizing he is burning bridges left and right.:getsocialskills.
  2. Bsides daniel you're the one coming off as batshit crazy with that black face stuff.
  3. I'll come out the woodwork on this one and say a couple things:Lindgren does not play play at a higher level than any profiting player "can imagine."Phil Gordon, while playing 50/100 limit, was a good opponent and a very friendly guy.Why do you invite these disasters unto yourself Daniel, all you had to do is not get involved. So what if someone sees a couple weaknesses in your friends poker game and writes about it.
  4. Just wondering if you guys find that playing with a deep bank roll makes you careless / sloppy, or if playing with a really tight bank roll makes you too scared / miss bets. Do you think you play better on a shorter roll or on a bigger one?
  5. DN has reloaded a few times though. I'd say that INSFN is still up 10k-20k.
  6. PRE-FLOP^KidPoker bets $750, NotSoFunNow calls $500.FLOP [board cards 10D,2S,10C ]NotSoFunNow checks, ^KidPoker bets $500, NotSoFunNow bets $1,000, ^KidPoker calls $500.TURN [board cards 10D,2S,10C,QS ]NotSoFunNow bets $1,000, ^KidPoker calls $1,000.RIVER [board cards 10D,2S,10C,QS,JD ]NotSoFunNow bets $1,000, ^KidPoker calls $1,000.SHOWDOWNNotSoFunNow shows [ KD,2C ]^KidPoker shows [ 8H,QD ]^KidPoker wins $7,999.2 cards in the deck beat you and you dont raise the river?This is a flaw in daniels game, TT2 flop when you get check raised, it is A high about 20% of the time, X2/middle PP 50%, T =
  7. interesting match, looks like daniel is running too many flop check/raise bluffs right now..
  8. THe only game I could imagine that it would be possible to build a computer and play very well would be HU limit hold em. Ironically, that is the game that I think requires some of the most skill. however, a computer could be truely random and eliminate my reading ability...
  9. FEAR IS YOUR ONLY GOD!!!RELIGION IS THE OPIATE OF THE MASSESboth these are so ****en true, god is for people who are afraid of life, and religion is brainwashing in the finest of examples.Ask yourself this question? How many wars have been over religion and how many people have killed in their gods name or been persecuted because of their beliefs. its fooken ridiculous.
  10. lol, daniel is smart enough to make a bit more than 60k / year I think. Fact of his being one of the most arrogant people on the planet is a different story but perhaps huge success in what he does and fame all went to his head or something. ah w ell, he certainly is a genius at what he does.
  11. 100 - 200 buy ins is overkill. 50 buy ins is far enough.
  12. Daniel... Eugeneel is DreamClown, he is just a single member of it. he is the member that took you for $67k. And Sansone. I saw him around, not too long ago..
  13. Ok CaliHoldem, I see your point but it is more of a cacsh game mentality. late in the tournament you just want to win pots without show downs. you were about a 4:1 ahead. you will get broken 1/4 times, and that could be the end, against another big stack just push all in. It's a shi ty beat, but your play style, as it sounds, will induce a few beats but overall you will be able to push the edges, this is more of a cash game idea. You should switch to cash games because tournaments are about survival and winning without showdown, if you get bad beat in a tourney its all over, in a cash gam
  14. So... With 22,000 in the pot, you led out at the flop for $6000. Sounds like you are a greaaaaaaat player. :roll: Raise to 13k preflop then bet 6000 on the flop, lmfao.
  15. lol, im sorry. Many of you notice my attempts on this forum to provide valuable info. / have a open attitude to daniel. Who cares if he's short stacked, how did he get short stacked. how is he concentrating on tournaments yet not making it to the fuken second day. I guarantee stick me in one of these I make at least at the second day playing loose / aggressive. or tight, it doesn't matter, I won't get my money in drawing to a split against a free roller.
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