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  1. Sorry for you and your familys loss Daniel, Celebrate your Moms life!
  2. How about most Cup Rings.....MOST STANLEY CUP TITLES: HENRI RICHARD, 11
  3. When I see Vijay Singh doing well in a golf tournament I don't even remotly think of what he did in '85, however, I will always remember if someone brings it up. If ZeeJustin goes on to be a Hall of Fame caliber poker player I'm thinking the same will happen to him. Kids get caught steeling and go on to be very successfull adults. It all depends on how maturely he handles himself in the future and it definatly looks like he is going in the right direction.Good luck to you ZeeJustin!
  4. Scary thing is it sounds like you bought one of those easy buttons!!
  5. This summer a friend was flipping a coin a canadian $1 coin, buddy is American. I kept calling loonie the result was heads for 5 or so flips, so we started counting and my friend flipped heads 18 more times in a row for a total of over 20 heads.
  6. Anyone try this?http://www.vcpoker.com/freemoney/
  7. Raised Catholic, babtised, sunday school ect.. Havn't been to Church for 15+years, besides weddings or funerals.I like to worship the green grass (golf) and the green felt (Poker)Religion just isn't for me.
  8. Wrong, a new signup can play in the beginner section, REALLY REALLY fishy, with smaller limits .02/.04 nl .05/.10 limit. Not sure when they start restricting access I think it is done on number of raked hands.Good Luck
  9. This is for all you Krabler Fanshttp://www.boardsmag.com/screeningroom/com...mmercials/1993/
  10. Could I have played this differently?Tourny 632entrants 40+4100 left6000 av chips***** Hand History for Game 3454404688 *****NL Texas Hold'em Trny:19639729 Level:8 Blinds (150/300) - Saturday, January 28, 20:09:01 EDT 2006Table Multi-Table(581683) Table #4 (Real Money)Seat 10 is the buttonTotal number of players : 9 Seat 8: brad44 ( $4550 )Seat 7: tomtheshark ( $5200 )Seat 5: yinchuan ( $4270 )Seat 9: pejaknows ( $4820 )Seat 6: jalmavi ( $3517 )Seat 1: zico10pele ( $10712 )Seat 10: rod81 ( $9965 )Seat 2: alextroy ( $3020 )Seat 3: muppet_18 ( $6785 )Trny:19639729 Level:8Blinds (150/300)** Dea
  11. I was railing birding my brother and 2 friends who made it to the final 2 tables in a Live 150 person rebuy add on tourney. One particular hand was quad 8's beats aces full, the very next hand quad twos gets 2 allin callers, what are the odds of 4 of a kind twice in a row? My brother won and my other 2 friends finished 11th and 4th, I busted around 40th.
  12. Just ran across this on Cardplayer what do you guys think?http://cardplayer.com/poker_news/detail.php?p_id=782I think it would be tough to make fly for a couple of reasons:1. 52 card deck is standard and hasn't changed in many many years.2. I quote.... California Hold’em Company, Inc. owns the rights to the game and controls its distribution. Cardrooms, both the brick and mortar kind and online, will have to license the game to spread it. Who wants to buy a specialized deck of cards.
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