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  1. dont mind him, his parents are lawyersive had this argument with them. they dont understand. :roll:
  2. this argument is redundant. according to the dictionary definition of gambling, poker falls into this category. however, for the definition is woefully inadequate with regard to the larger question you are asking (i.e. you are asking this question with all the negative connotations western society has placed on 'gambling' in mind).
  3. equity is not linear in the sense you guys are arguing it is. you cant apply the law of averages to a tournament structure.
  4. very few tourneys online could be considered higher stakes. the 500$s might be, but even then the proliferation of satellite entries make for donkfests at almost every buyin level.
  5. nice run. jordan, ill take the other 3k of that action :)EDIT: ill take it even if he only has to FT once in three tries.
  6. i have no idea how to play a rebuy.but i don't it is proper strategy to go all-in EVERY hand, then double rebuy on top of that.actually, the only thing i think is improper is the first part. the latter seems fine, given the former.it is if you can expect to final table a high percentage of the time you get a monster stack. jonnybax can be quite confident in this regard.
  7. anyone criticizing jonny has no idea how to play a rebuy.
  8. in the early nineties when the charity games ran in toronto, there were a bunch of really good limit players around the area.
  9. i make more per month in rakeback than i would working 40 hour weeks at minimum wage. and i definitely am not putting in 40 hrs/week.
  10. 30k hands of breakeven play at 5-10 shorthanded. now thats demoralizing. btw, my winrate after around 100k hands is 2.5bb/100, including the 30k stretch. variance is a bltch.
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