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  1. eleventybrazillion....it didnt mean much i just reloaded
  2. Hey I havent heard much lately about the PPL and was just wondering what the latest news on it was. I did some searching and didnt find a whole lot. Maybe I'm blind and out of the loop, but any news would be good.Spades
  3. well i have been playing for alittle over 7 years and never hit a royal flush. I would estimate that i have probably played about 50k hands a year between live and online give or take a few thousand. so that is about 350k hands. I dont know how many hands you play but i would say that 5 is quite a few.
  4. How did you miss Fischman...it was all they focused on for the like the first 30 minutes of the episode.Yeah, i thought he played pretty reckless. It was working for him for a little bit but you can only bully for so long.
  5. i actually found a wallet at the mall the other day and i refused to open it to see how much money was in it to avoid this moral delima. My girlfriend kept telling me to open it but i just returned it to the security desk and felt good about it...stupid morals
  6. if it is a Dell laptop than it might part of their huge recall on their laptop batteries. Every laptop they sold in last few years has a **** battery on it and you can get a new one.if it is not a dell than your ****ed and should just leave it in the holes
  7. i was thinking the same thing...where the hell did this come from
  8. there arent any "official Rules" for hold'em every where has their own house rules...most are very similar. Here is a really good site that will have any thing you need to about poker.www.homepokertourney.comenjoy
  9. I actually watched an episode of celebrity poker the other night and Phil Hellmuth spent the entire time talking about how poorly the people were playing. It was rather funny, he kept saying "oh no, I would have raised there" There is also another one on GSN that has half celebs and half no name pros that is just terrible i cant think of the name but it is brutal
  10. best movie of the year by far...i saw it tonight amazing
  11. I think he is reffering to the long run...meaning life time or longer... where luck is not a factor but yes in a short time span like a month or a year than luck can take affect.
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