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  1. 4 is the limit for me. As soon as tables start to overlap I find it difficult to keep up enough and understand how each game/hand is progressing.First thing first is you need to find a poker room that allows you to tile the windows and shrink them without losing too much clarity. Bodog, iPoker and Microgaming are especially good for this.Full Tilt allows you to shrink the windows, but in my opinion they are a little difficult to work with at such a small size.
  2. Playing poker for a living is going to be a lot different than playing hard without having to rely on your winnings as a sole source of income. I would suggest to continue playing for a while to see how you feel about it all, as playing poker professionally is over-glamourized and smoothes over the fact that it can be very repetitive and stressful.Some people are going to be more cut out for it than others, but good on you if you can do it.
  3. $1.5 or a little more would be better pre. With a 2.5x reraise you're missing out on opening up the pot a little more to get more money in on future betting rounds. It may seem like a minor difference, but it can really help you to lump it all in on future rounds and get maximum value for your hand.Other than that, it's a well played hand.
  4. Looks about right, although I would have bet more on the flop. More around the pot size area.Also, if you're always getting that many callers pre, I would be tempted to start raising more.
  5. I don't think that there are any real tricks, except for to just 'look harder'. If I were you, I would write a sticky note with hands that you regularly forget to look for and attach it to your wall or the side of your monitor. Always look at it before making your decision, and it should help to ingrain the process of looking for those sort of hands each time.Just don't forget about the sets as you try and spot those straights.
  6. Live play is ridiculous compared to playing online. The lowest stakes for live players is a lot higher than online, so they get thrown into a game playing for more money than they would online with far less skill.
  7. Reraise the flop.As played, I would bet on the turn.
  8. It isn't illegal to play online poker, it's just that the UIGEA makes it difficult to get money into and out of your account. Nobody is going to take you away for gambling online.
  9. Live poker is certainly a lot easier to beat than online, as a boatload of players are there purely for the entertianment value (moreso than online). However, as the other guy mentioned, this sample size is too small to be sure that your friend is a consistent winner in live play, although he may well be.
  10. There are no real "do this and become a shark" rules out there. If there was, then everyone would be cleaning up at the tables. Just keep reading forums, books, and practice. Thats the main rule for becoming a shark.
  11. Playing music in the background helps to fill the spaces in between hands. I doubt it makes much difference to my winrate. A bit of DevilDriver probably increases my aggression factor though.
  12. Just looks like a bad case of mycathasjustwalkedalloverthekeyboard-itisAlso with an exceptional talent to hit "enter" regularly.
  13. the general verdict on Cardrunners? From that example it doesnt look worth the money, but is it just a bad example?
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