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  1. Boarding right now. Anyone have plans for later on tonight ? If you'll be playing or partying, leave a post/pm/e-mail Dan
  2. I'm coming in Friday night around 11, if anyone wants to get together let me know...my twitter is twitter.com/dt1313 e-mail is dt1313@gmail.compm me for my cell...I'm definitely up for bowling on Saturday night.Dan
  3. Sandwedge, thanks for the offer. I think i'll take you up on it and pray you don't sleepwalk ever again :)Anyone have room Friday night ? I'm coming in around 11 and probably won't really need to sleep, just a place to put my bags.Pack, thanks for the heads up. The problem is that I already booked my ticket... I should have checked out the "flight + hotel" combosDan
  4. I'm coming in late Friday night and leaving in the afternoon on Monday. Anyone looking to split a room ? Have room and want to save some money ?Let me know asap. If not i'll probably just book the IP for $350-ish (I do have a Total Rewards card with offers attached)Post in here or my e-mail is: dt1313@gmail.comDefinite strip club degen. .....A few lap dances on me if you have room :)Mark -NoSup4u- has met me. I think he'll vouch that i'm a pretty nice guy.Dan
  5. Matt I sent an e-mail as well. If you could PM me some contact info I'd greatly appreciate it.Thanks,Dan
  6. What was Phil's stack at the start of this hand ?Dan
  7. This is very sad news. While I never met him I did frequent Pokerroad and had become quite familiar with who he was.RIP ShronkDan
  8. SIIIIIIIIIIIIICKKKKKKK HAND !!!!!!!!!!Perfect River Card !!!!!!!!!!!WAY TO GODan
  9. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeee !!!It's HU !Dan
  10. The show could also be edited... I don't think he thought about it for more than maybe a second or two, even if it was edited, but it's still a possibility. I'm sure he had the action already played out, factored in Barry only running it once and thought about keeping all the money in the pot.Awesome show so far. I hope it doesn't slow down !Dan
  11. QFTMFT !!! (everything, not just the bolded part)Right now:------------------------------------------- <- Durrr------------------------------------------- <- The rest of the tableDan
  12. I LOOOOOOVEEEEE me some TOURNEY POKERS.gg. gl all.This is back to back hands btw. All after being card dead for stretches of 25 hands and then 30 hands (out of the last 60)PokerStars Game #26114970925: Tournament #130527044, $10+$1 Hold'em No Limit - Level VI (100/200) - 2009/03/18 22:33:52 ETTable '130527044 3' 9-max Seat #1 is the buttonSeat 1: Tasman25 (1820 in chips) Seat 2: jkalib (9145 in chips) Seat 3: dt1313 (3071 in chips) Seat 4: gatortom64 (4965 in chips) Seat 6: Boreale#1 (806 in chips) Seat 7: pokerl0gic (1400 in chips) Seat 9: fitzinabox (6362 in chips) jkalib: posts small blind
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