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  1. the bottom card pairing is most likely the best card in the deck for you, as an ace may kill your action. In the smaller games i would just bet here and not try and get too tricky with c/raises because people tend to call fairly weak. I put in a sizeable bet here and go broke if he pushes, seems unlikely that he would have a hand to beat you the way it played out unless he floped a set.
  2. I am not sure about this guys but you can check it out, i think there are two ted lawsons, the plo braclet winner and then a younger guy in his 20s that is the one that is on the player of the year board. again, not sure but check it out.
  3. well, ive resisted long enough, earlier this week i was working on a very limited bankroll, won a 11 dollar 850 man turbo for 1500, won a million dollar sat for 530, and then today won a 160 double shootout, made a deal 3 handed, won and got 9k!! huge week for me guys!
  4. how can you be worried about this guy going broke? he has 6 mil for christ sakes and how often does he play that high? Most likely once a season when hsp comes around, and he final tabled LA and won the head up, i dont think his bankroll is hurting now or prably ever. jamie gold got paid less money from the main event than paul, and plays 1000 times worse on hsp, why arent we talking about him going broke?
  5. bah, these things happen, i find going on a run and working off some steam helps me, maybe having a good meal (subway) and then sit down refocus and see if things dont go better, gl.
  6. good point, this is the best thread ive seen in a while, not joking.
  7. So, I hate to be "that guy" but I just watched this new video they put up and wtf, this guy takes laggy to the extreme some of his plays dont really make sense to me. First off he makes a reraise from the SB with JK and I guess this is fine becuase the guy folds but how the **** do you play the hand if he calls? Second this guy proceeds to get like 450 into a 30 dollar pot with K10 on a 10 9 4 board and beats A10, regardless of his suckout, how is this ever a good idea to tell people to just blow up pots with one pair? I just dont get it someone help me out here?http://www.cardplayer.com/tv/24
  8. wow what a great week to start playin this tournament again. 2 mill already??!!!
  9. livin on reds, vitamin c and ......... on yea you said not to mention that
  10. Have fun! dont play poker on your b day though instead you should drink all the free booze you can before throwing up, and then all the booze you can afterwards! good luck.
  11. Full Tilt Poker Game #2393179109: Table Alvarez - $500/$1000 - $30,000 Cap No Limit Hold'em - 10:30:46 ET - 2007/05/10Seat 1: David Oppenheim ($63,407)Seat 2: craigmarq ($91,080.50)Seat 5: sbrugby ($135,187)craigmarq posts the small blind of $500sbrugby posts the big blind of $1,000The button is in seat #1*** HOLE CARDS ***David Oppenheim raises to $3,500craigmarq raises to $30,000, and is cappedsbrugby foldsDavid Oppenheim calls $26,500, and is cappedcraigmarq shows [Jh 8h]David Oppenheim shows [Kh Kd]*** FLOP *** [2s 4h As]*** TURN *** [2s 4h As] [5d]*** RIVER *** [2s 4h As 5d] [Qd]craigmarq
  12. The bankroll restrictions posted here are preached by everyone and followed by few, Id say for managing your roll at these micro limits you can feel free to play the 25 if you feel comfortable with it, if its your goal to play huge then you should take more shots when you are playing with this little money, if you are just playing for fun, then theres no real reason to move up.
  13. Alright guys kinda boring but just looking for a bit of advice, I took some time off, about a month and a half and I was playing just a ton of multis had a few wins nothing huge but now i am looking for something new, I just threw 110 on stars and tried out playing 6 11 dollar sngs just to see if I thought i could make it work. I ended up 51 dollars after all 6 were complete, If i am going to start multi tabling sngs like this what sort of return can i realistically look for?(this first round seems a bit high) What is a good amount of buy ins to keep in my account? And does anyone know some go
  14. i heard hes a really a robot
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