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  1. I'm British and have no idea about any of the US parties but man this is some awesome debate.
  2. 2011 Poker Goals:200k NLHE Hands2k SNG'sDO NOT DEPOSIT!$1k profit including rakeback and bonusesRecord all resultsGrind like a biatch and enjoy every second
  3. I'm on a wireless connection.Works great at home, worked great on the train from Lancaster to Crewe (UK) and now I'm in Cardiff picking up my sisters internet connection and having no problem at all.
  4. Good luck with this bro. These are the sort of challenges that I really really enjoy. Funny enough, I cashed out the majority of my roll at the end of November and was convinced that the $11 I had left was enough to make it to a 4 figure bankroll by the end of 2011 (similar to your challenge). To date I'm sitting on just over $80 at the minute so the challenge is going really well. If I could give you some advice it would be:Start with $10 and grind $0.25 and $0.10 SNG's until you hit $30. Sit down at $0.01/$0.02 NLHE cash games with $1.50 per table.With your FPP's play 70 fpp satellites to Su
  5. 20 tables at 0.01/0.02 NLHEBB/100 = 3.45 over 40k handsMore importantly I take the fpp's that I make and raid the 70 fpp satty's to 1/4 mill. Win them, unreg and repeat. Then every 750 fpp's I get the $10 stellar reward.The life of a micro grinding, bonus whoring yob
  6. Trust me, I'm certainly not looking to go Pro. To see what it felt like I booked a week off work and agreed to put in a 40 hour shift. I got 4 hours into Day 1 before I hit the pub. It takes a very disciplined and mentally tough person to make this happen.
  7. Thanks man.The highlighted bit is interesting. Where I'm from I could get £360 or $550 as 'looking for a job' allowance. Do you have any of those benefits to supplement your poker income where you are from?
  8. Few questions to keep the well alive.What VIP status are you?How many VPP's do you make in a year?How do you spend your VPP's?Do you still play poker professionally? If so, what are the pros and cons to this?And finally, are you playing at the PCA 2011?
  9. Today I won a $0.10 360 man for $8.50, does that count?
  10. I wouldn't play either if I'd just won $500k.Congrats man.
  11. LurbzHow do you keep your focus and motivation during a downswing?Is it knowing that poker pays the bills and effectively keeps you alive?Serious question.
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