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    but this wasn't it.
  1. I think I'd be raising that from UTG, look at our hand, and our equity edge when we can outplay them postflop
  2. shortest stack seems to be 30 blinds? I don't absolutely hate it, but I'd need a lot more info
  3. I miss you James.I don't exactly hate the b/f on the turn to be honest, but we are getting a ridiculous price. I'd prefer it with top two
  4. I think in general it's better to be 3betting a polarised range and flatting the hands in the middle in BTN vs. CO situations. If you're flatting J7s/K8o there, what sort of hands are you 3betting?
  5. been too busy working out ww strat
  6. I especially miss my teammate who consisted of one of the dicks and 2.5 of the 3 inches
  7. Accidentally spoke to one or both of them recently. It was the sexiest moment of my life to date.
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