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  1. Eclypse

    Dogs Vs Cats

    I've owned many dogs and cats. I think cats in general are smarter and less needy. But, I did have a border collie that was pretty darn smart.
  2. Thanks!I'm watching now (channel 9 So Cal too).Looks like I got there kinda' late though.
  3. Let me spell it out for you: I think this quote was merely plucked off of some right-wing message board and parroted by countless knuckleheads like you that don't check any facts and when asked to provide a source for their claims, simply call the questioner an idiot.
  4. A web site that allows people to post quotes is not a credible source.Nice try though.
  5. This is priceless!First you say that it’s widely accepted that he said it, then you flatly state that there is no actual recording of him saying it!
  6. LOL! It is hilarious that you are trying to work Hillary in to the fact that you can’t come-up with a credible source for your phony-baloney quote!
  7. Wow, that was fast! Do you keep track of everyone's posts, or just mine?It’s obvious, because it would be very unlikely that Churchill would say something like that, especially in the context of your definition of “conservative”.But, if you can show me a credible source for the quote, I’ll gladly take it all back.
  8. You, Balloon Guy, are a fine one to criticize Daniel about his signature. You have been wandering around with an obviously misattributed quote of Winston Churchill for what, 6-8 months now?
  9. Great Reply!LOL!One of these days you and I have to get together for a beer...
  10. Actually, I believe the vote was almost unanimous (only two voted against it). They were voting for a port security bill that HAD TO PASS. Republican Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist stapled the online gambling ban to it in the wee hours of the morning. Democrats that opposed the ban were not allowed to debate it.So, yes, vote against all Republicans.If you don't want to vote for a democrat that voted for the original House bill, then don't. Just vote for a 3rd party.
  11. I think you got your days mixed up!It's Tuesday for Democrats, Wednsday for Republicans!LOL! Believe it or not, this trick has actually worked to some extent for the Republicans in the past!NOTE: VOTING DAY IS TUESDAY FOR EVERYONE!
  12. You're right, I should have written, "if you are able to vote against Bill Frist, do so."Thanks for pointing that out.
  13. Your link does not work (at least for me). But, yeah, as I remember, about 60% of Democrats voted for it, along with 92% of Republicans. However, this bill would not have ever passed the senate without Republican Majority Leader Bill Frist's sneaky, underhanded trickery. He didn't even allow a debate on it, he just stapled it to a port security bill that HAD to pass.If people have heartburn over voting Democrat, at least vote against Bill Frist. You can at least do that, can't you?
  14. Yes, they are taking away my livelyhood. It's only one thing--but, it's a big thing.Funny how you finish-up by suggesting they take away my voting rights.Think about all the reasons you support the Republican party, then think about how many of those reasons involve taking away rights (right to privacy, etc.).
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