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  1. There is no way in he11 Daniel would squirel away the chips in a mannner like the kid who just stole a cookie. Total BS. Like I said, he would rake in the chips, sort out the stack by color and stack them here and there. He did not have many yellow at that point, so what good would hiding them do? They stood out like sore thumbs no matter where it put them! They were there, out in the open for all to see. You are accusing him of being dishonest and it is that I take issue with. Bu11shit on you O P.FLAT OUT....YOU ARE WRONG.....He knew exactly what he was doing. EXACTLY....He knew exactly how
  2. I don't think you're lying about what went down, but look at my example from the retail store line. It's just not your place to say something. If somebody is tossing their chips away, let them.Tim....I will agree, I probably should not have said anything....But, like I said in my second posting, I just didn't think DN would want to accumulate chips that way....As for decking me....lol....good luck. Again....I am only telling you this, not because I was busted from the ME, which obviously sucked, but everyone who has gotten cracked knows that it sucks, I am saying this only because I was soo
  3. Ok....First, I am floored by the quick response of all of you....Second...I read all the posts.....There was one that said, it was resolved immediately....WRONG!!!!! DN waited 5 hands to say anything, and for the exact reason that I mentioned in my original posting!!!! However, I will concede several things that others mentioned.....1. Was it my place to say anything? Probably not.....BUT, the reason I DID say something was because I didn't think that DN would want chips that he didn't earn. Guess I was wrong.2. It was not my buddy who put the chips out there...it was the guy next to him
  4. I will be the first to say this, I am -- WAS -- A HUGE Daniel Negreanu fan until I witnessed something that made me sick to my stomach. This occurred on Day 3 of the Main Event of the 2006 World Series of Poker. Daniel was sitting at Table 56, just along the isle, to his right my a good friend of mine MIKE who I had been watching since I busted on Day 2. ---Daniel, you remember me, the one in the basketball jersey that you spoke with once the break started. ---I was on the rail watching the action. The blinds were $1,200 and $2,400 with a $300 ante and 11 minutes left in the level. At thi
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