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  1. Just trying tooo Keep things Interesting 4 ya....
  2. Hey everyone, its been to long since my last post.It feels good to be back andI hope everyone is doing well in the poker world.
  3. Well I guess everyone is doing great......?My work tried to block this page, but it is back up and running now.My FCP name is Tilt Grenade, have I played with any FCP'ers recently?
  4. Its been awhile, how is everyone feeling today?VIVA LA FCP
  5. this response is so flawed freerolls are exopected since they are common place at other sites .it would be as if you went into a resteraunt and said " can i have free water and breadsticks" and they said NO. Free breadsticks?Where the hell is this resteraut?The Olive Garden
  6. I'm still here....., but I don't consider myself a regular.
  7. You really want a bigger piece? Put a million on the table, the whole G C C group yo, and I'll personally fly you out to Vegas, cover the rake, and put you up in a "swanky" hotel. If I can see his face, POWNED would be an understatement. Online poker simple isn't my game, I can admit that. However, you children aren't equiped with a strategy sound enough to beat the top players in the world. It might work online against random people, but do you REALLY think you could beat the likes of say, Todd Brunson, playing EVERY hand pre-flop?This is one of my favorite DN post....
  8. Is it ever about anything but ego?MONEY.....?
  9. Yeah I would like to hear what DN has to say about it.....I just wish I could have watched it, but thanks again to the guys who posted it up so I could kind of understand what was going on.
  10. If I had a 100K+ to play against DN. I would want to do it live in vegas, but that's just me.
  11. I am at work and really appreciate the people that are keeping me updated....THANKS GUYSandGOOD LUCK DN
  12. What did DC buy in for?Sorry this is a long topic and I did not read it all.DN in for 50k DC in for 290k ishThank you....ANDGO DANIEL
  13. lets stop talking about J Lo and just focus on DN and DC's poker game.
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