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  1. not having PAHUD costs you money.bingo. the 25 you give to josh(who is a great guy btw) will end up paying for itself in no timeIs PokerAce that much better than GT+?imagine GT+ times a million.
  2. funny, because i was just gonna mention this guy in HSNL over there whose using your name and... oh. i see.
  3. it would be to encourage action. same reason the blinds in a 15-30 game are 10 and 15.
  4. You mean in the sense that they play too tight out of the small blind?I cant imagine it accounting for that much of a difference...Maybe not.I would guess that it provide a small increase for your winrate though. Bad players who can't adjust properly will be giving even more up. Of course there are probably some players whose poor blind strategy works better with this structure.Come to think of it, I'm going to read the article again. Didn't make too much sense the first time around.it would have to do with not defending the SB often enough to raises, but i doubt thats enough to overcome a
  5. im gonna disagree here. i dont like this at all. you dont have much fold equity against a lag whose shown interest in the flop. if you think you have the best hand, getting to a showdown cheap is key here, this cannot be cheaper than c/c c/c and you are folding considerable equity if he 3 bets with any hand to which you are drawing live.
  6. aaaaaand your true purpose emerges.EDIT: it seems useful to note that anyone signing up for rakeback through an affiliate that is not listed one of the rakeback review sites, and with no credibility on 2+2, is giving away money.
  7. here, serious answer: a LHE player can expect a maximum edge of around 2-3bb/100 in a full ring game, depending on rake structure. a NLHE player can expect a maximum edge of 9-12bb/100 in a full ring game, depending on the rake structure. the reasoning? these are the high end of the winrates reported by successful online players with good samples.
  8. barry g. has been quoted saying that phil is a great player but still doesn't know the game that well.He'd say that about anyone but himself. Doesn't mean anything.hasn't he been the winner in the big game overall for about the past 5 years? i'd say that gives him the right to say that considering the amount of hands he has played against the other top players.Show me the documentation that shows who wins what.Thanks."In the first five years of this poker-crazy new millennium, Greenstein earned more money playing the game than anyone alive—by some estimates in excess of $20 million, a figure
  9. I know Chris has a PhD in computer science, and I suppose he probably has studied game theory. I don't remember him touting it as much as Bloch, Matt Matros, etc though. Maybe he has and I missed it.his brother is a math prof at UCLA and has published essays on game theor, on which chris is a co-author (i have one of them printed and bound, its very interesting). Anyone here have hands-on experience at a poker table where they have used game theory to their advantage? i use it every day. limping frequencies with AA/KK, bluff frequencies against specific opponent types, raise frequencies wit
  10. thats bullsh*t. my girlfriend gave me the whole 'poker takes up too much time' scenario. so i showed her my profit/hr over the last 6 months, then we worked out how many hours a day i would have to work at a real job making 12$/hr (im a student and am fairly unqualified for any decently-paying jobs). lets just say there arent enough hours in a day.
  11. 2 monitors, both capable of fitting 4 tables with no overlap. pokertracker, PAHUD, and partymine do most of my player reads. i can crush 1-2 full ring this way, but shorthanded i start to lose value around 7 tables.
  12. using words you dont understand is -EV. i think you mean obscene.
  13. playing 2-4 LHE HU is going to be unprofitable on any site.
  14. Well the dude playing tom mcevoy this afternoon was saying that he plays 8 tables at once.I was wondering how this was possible.open 8 tables. play. presto, you're 8 tabling.
  15. your system seems foolproof. perhaps you should write a strategy book.
  16. i have no idea what hand qualifies as a low suited non-connector, but i have a feeling you should be playing them out of the bb.
  17. I think huge downswings can actually be beneficial. Makes it a lot easier to tough out the smaller ones. Much like a fight.heh, i yawn at the 50bb swings i have every hour now. 6 max is a cruel mistress.
  18. this thread is stupid. mrjones, 5bb/100 is not mathematically sustainable in the 30 game on party.
  19. I love people who quote statistics with no idea where they came from, or what they mean. ok, 90% of poker players are losers. how do you know this? you dont. Even if we grant you this number, you still havent considered that 90% of poker players will never post to a poker forum, and most people who contribute to poker forums are actively looking to improve, making the general population of posters here much more likely to be winners than your average player. Also, you suck at life.
  20. very important :!:what do you do with JTs folded to you in MP2?
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