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  1. The flop is fine, but I would check the turn since we don't have any value or fold equity in betting.
  2. I appreciate the compliment, and I thought you played very well in the short amount of time that we played together.I also discovered CinciKid at the tables tonight. I never thought I'd have to bother with changing my super secret Party name til I moved up to 5/10+, but if I keep seeing Bascomeb and Cinci I might have to go more covert .Anyways, the past few days have been pretty frustrating as I thought August was a godsend for letting me run somewhat normal - above average, but I've had a 8k hand breakeven/downswing stretch where I think at one point I had a 100bb downswing. It almost pr
  3. NWNewell,I think you are confused. We aren't forgoing raising the turn so that we can raise any river. ie, if we choose to call this turn, we don't have to raise the river. That card just presented an opportunity to use our fold equity and possibly steal half of the pot. Also, I appreciate the constructive posting, whether I agree with it or not
  4. I don't think folding is all that bad when you don't have a read, especially in the heat of battle. Cobalt doesn't just think "4th nut, Cobalt push." He's going to try to put his opponent's on hands, and it can get really confusing and difficult against unknowns.
  5. Meaning he plays AA, KK aggressively here.
  6. It looks like a close decision. I'd probably lean towards shoving if these stakes are what they were like when I played them. Also, reload pre-flop.
  7. I think this is a pretty easy fold. A tight/aggro player would have no problem flat calling with 1010 or JJ and playing it for set value since it would be just stupid to shove with those hands. Keep in mind that the read on the guy is that he is VERY tight.
  8. Yes, that's pretty well documented, but if we only had to judge this hand for it's pre-flop worth it would be much simpler. What hands limp pre-flop, check flop, check turn, and raise/shove river? Please use reasoning. This bit is pretty useless.
  9. I have seen this thousands upon thousands of times and its the reason I LOOOOOOOVVVVEEEE overbetting. It really seems like you are trying very hard to justify calling. I think AK will get the picture after getting re-reraised, but how the hell are you putting him on AK when he limps pre-flop and checks the turn and river? He's an unknown, you shouldn't really have any quantifiable idea of what he has, and that's why this hand is pretty difficult to analyze.Cobalt,I know I said earlier that if we raise and he shoves, we should be committed. Even though it looks scary, I think that still app
  10. A. Why would you want to risk getting three-bet just to knock out one player? Also, we have practically equal chances of knocking someone off of a hand when we face them with two cold, whether it be on the turn or the river. MNG also brings up a good point about how raising this turn minimizes the value of our flush draw.B. We didn't call this turn planning to raise any river. The river card just facillitates that decision since we are often chopping (or even winning) and raising will often fold other ace high hands that chop with us, earning us the whole pot instead of 1/2.C. I fail to
  11. Cobalt,There is a very high probability that this opponent really sucks since he open-limped in the CO and this is 0.5/1. It really depends on how bad he is, but if he'd open limp in the CO with a 2 in his hand, he most likely will stack off with it. Since there is a very good probability that he will shove 2x on top of a reraise, I don't think you can reraise and fold to another reraise. Whether that means we should just call or reraise I'm not too sure about. Against an unknown, there is certainly a case for just calling since you don't want to unload chips against someone when you don't
  12. I think the donkbet in HU blind steal situations is a very underrated/underused move that can really help with battling positional disadvantage. It can also have much higher expectation than mathematically calculated since I've found many people HATE being donk bet into - myself included - to the point where many will spew chips raising and betting when they should have just folded.It's important to note, however, that if you add the donkbet bluff to your arsenal, you are going to have to start bet/three-betting a variety of your hands in these situations as well, because your opponent can ea
  13. I'm saying that he is more than likely not very good at poker.
  14. Iggy,I like this hand a lot, as well as your reasoning.Why is everybody so bent out of shape when someone doesn't "define their hand"? Defining your hand makes a hand infinitely easier to play, but that doesn't necessarily make it the best approach. For example, let's say on a 456 flop you hold 73 in position and your opponent leads into you. If you are able to discern his hand range as either 78 or AK, and if he will play them identically post-flop, you are much better off calling him down, rather than defining your hand. This is a pretty hypothetical example, but it sort of simplifies wha
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