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  1. Not to change the topic but how do you guys feel when a known couple are playing at the same table as you?At my local home game there was a kid and his girlfriend who used to play. If a pot ever got heads up between the two of them they would check it down no matter what. Not even trying to hide it. One time they both flopped two pair and checked it all the way to the river and then laughed about it. I didn't want to say anything to them b/c they both sucked and were huge donators to the game but this really pissed me off and when i confronted the guy I ended up pissing him off so badly th
  2. He definately will make it to day 2.PS - "Mike Matusow informs me that he just doubled through Ted Forrest. While Forrest seems indifferent, Matusow is very proud that he's back up to about $4,000 in chips. (Forrest still has about $10,000.)"-cardplayer.comAm I the only one who finds this amusing?[/b]
  3. <stox> dn is waiting at limit<sindy> maybe he will play here. at least thats what he said in his blog.50/100 No limit at FCP...
  4. Feel free to use my hand as an example of why not to play AQ in a raise pot....
  5. Yeah as do I for reasons I stated in my OP... but for some reason this time I didn't and I think it was more of me venting about making a horrible play than askingyou to write a column about "how to play AQ in cash games" I appreciate it and i'm sure others will too but I understand that playing AQ to a raise from a tight player in EP is almost always going to be -EV.Thanks,
  6. This hand happened last night in my 50$ no limit home game.Villain is a TAG player who likes to play tricky. He normally plays posision and his starting hand requirements definately go up when he is in EP. Villain (75$) raises to 3$ from UTG.1 MP (complete donkey) calls.I (85$) am on the button and look down and see A Q I'm a little nervous about calling here because the UTG player's range of possible hands is very good. 10-10, JJ, QQ, KK, AA, AK and AQ are all possible and I am behind almost all of them. I think for a little while and ALMOST! mucked but I fell for the stinkbomb that is
  7. I didn't say it was difficult to place in the money. I just said a TAG player could do so with much more consistency if he played using another blind structure. Why get such an attitude? Am I not allowed to make an argument against party poker? Is this KingAustin's forum? All hail king austin... Let us all bow before Party poker and it's superior sit n go blind structure. You are an ignorant **** if you think party's blind structure is advantageous to a good player.
  8. Nope, the blinds dont double every 10 hands, I'm a TAG player and do perfectly fine and nope, it's not a card catching contest. It's pretty easy to cash and since the games dont usually go over 45 min, you can get more games in than at a site such as stars, FT, or UB.The blinds go 10/15, 15/30, 25/50 and then pretty much double from there. So yes they basically double every 10 hands. Stop trying to make party SNG's look legit. They are 100% card catching contests. You said it yourself. They only last 45 minutes... How can you have a 10 person tourney that lasts 45 minutes and not call i
  9. Party SNG's are horrid. It's a complete shit chute. The blinds double every 10 hands and you start with half as many chips as most sites. The players are bad, which would be good with a normal blind structure but the party structure doesn't allow TAG players to make plays. It is basically a card catching contest. If you are a decent player you shouldn't have to much of a hard time cashing but you could do so with much more consistently on a site with a normal blind structure. I've heard that UB, Full Tilt, and Stars are all good for sng's. Apparently stars has the most donks as they have
  10. Who are you supposed to like living there? Mets or Yankees? You can't go wrong rooting for Pat Borders, Joe Carter, and company. Who else...Jack Morris....Dave Stieb....George Bell.Sabres? Cup? Hull? Goal? What peculiar sport do you speak of? Here's a question: If two hockey teams play on tv and nobody watches, did it really occur? :-)Patrick^^PS - thanks for the help.*Edit - damnit i don't know how to use quotes yet!
  11. Participation at FT is up, so naturally it is gaining more fishies. WSOP viewers are seeing the jerseys that Matusow Gordon etc wear and are joining.But let me get this straight. You are a ring game player and are looking to switch away from Party? Do you not like money? I am not a big party fan myself, but I would say the prevailing opinion is Party ring games are by far the easiest.No. I am primarily a sng player. I've been railing my friend in some stars sng's and I like the blind stucture much better on Full Tilt than Party. You start with nearly twice as many chips and the blinds g
  12. I've heard that Full Tilt has the toughest competition in ring games... I've been playing at Party and am looking to switch to either FT or Stars so I wouldn't mind hearing opinions on these two sites as well.
  13. Matusow, "whitelime" and "Dr. K" Are playing 25/50 NL on FTP right now for anyone who's interested...
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