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  1. Anyone know Daniel's starting day for the ME? A E[sorry for the duplicate post, but I can't see in the editor how to delete the first mis-sent one.]
  2. Anyone know Daniel's starting day for the ME?
  3. I'm heading to Tahoe next weekend, and was hoping to get into one or two hold'em tourneys. Does anyone know of a decent list of regular offerings at the various casinos?Thanks in advance... A E
  4. Played well, WVU...maybe a bit aggressive with a pair, but he was a big stack so he could have been bluffing. Nice finish... A E
  5. Keep it up...outlast two more people, it's another $30 you get. (hehe) A E
  6. Shake it off...looks like you're getting a bit restless. Plenty of time left. A E
  7. Not sure if it's over, but I'd assume so. Is there a place where the results are posted?Congrats to all who won. Was going well for a while, but never could get anything going consistently. A E
  8. How about...FCP's Donks for the Extra Money Tournament ("First Annual" optional)Dreamclown's Wallet's OpenDishcloth OpenI'll Take Tunica for $5,000, AlexHeck, we can just call it "Name that Tunica" (oww, sorry) A E
  9. Thanks...I appreciate the feedback. It was painful to go through--that feelign that you can't really help yourself at all--but I was concerned that it was making it harder for those at the table.Unbelievably, when the connection settled out I still had enough chips to work with and won all but one of my coin flips to jump to second place at the final table, but was getting blinded off not wanting to play too many hands, ended up getting sucked out on once to drop to short stack at 10K and then lost an all-in with K-9 against K-Q to go out in 6th. Of course, right after, hindsight told me what
  10. I'd like to again (because I'm not sure how many of my apologies at the table were seen) apologize for all the connection problems I had during tonight's qualifier. I was getting a bit frantic that I kept dropping out, especially in the middle of hands at times, and as a result made some drastic bets that forced other people's hands. That aside, I'm sure it was annoying to have to repeatedly wait for my action when I wasn't connected. A E
  11. I'm curious where you guys feel there are more fish for hold'em play. I realize there are other variables (limit vs. NL, table spread) and considerations (increased number of hands per hour online, spotting tells in a casino and the all-important "I don't feel like wearing pants today, so I'll play online"), but I'm looking for an overall perspective. Where do you feel you're more likely to make better money?Discuss amongst you... A E
  12. It's important when posting to a message board to use tags, such as [sarcasm]"Doyle Brunson got lucky playing 10-2 off, but when you play it, I'm in awe."[/sarcasm]:wink: A E
  13. Without knowing all the circumstances (are you profitable as a poker player? why does she want you to quit poker? are your family/friends also down on you about poker, and why?), it seems to me that you're making a sacrifice instead of a compromise. Sacrifice can be for the best (if you're a losing poker player and everyone sees you continuing as self-destructive), but I can't tell if that's the case here.The concern to me is the part "...and then when you go broke, you have no one there to pick you up off the ground." Again, without knowing all the facts, it's hard to give advice, but this so
  14. That's pretty much what I was going to say to him.Additionally, I'd start by asking why it bothers her, on the hopes that she'll think it's a sure losing situation or that she'll end up getting her legs broken by someone named Guido. If she's reasonable (and you're reasonable that poker isn't taking up too high a percentage of your time, unless you've made it a career), she'll take your explanation for it and give it a chance.If you play a lot of poker and/or lose a lot of money (or even take wild swings), you and this girl are probably doomed, because you'll never convince her it's not going
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