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  1. Yes. I detest this "you'll be wasting your vote" argument. I live in California, Cali's electoral votes going to a Democratic candidate is an absolute rock-solid guarantee. So by the "wasting my vote" argument, I should vote for the Dem since a Republican has about as much chance of winning this state as a Libertarian.Vote for the canditates that reflect your views.
  2. Presumably, you forgot the sw.Or your prozac.Get a grip.
  3. Success as a businessman (or poker player), even when accompanied by a high IQ does not imply grasp of politics, military strategy, diplomacy, or national security. **** Cheney is also an extremely intelligent person who made millions. So to whom should we listen?You don't have to be stupid to be a fool.Edit: lol that the censors bleeped Mr. Cheney's first name.
  4. So what's it like to run out of things to buy?
  5. So what came of the letter to the gaming division? I can't make that a 7 way pot. It looks like 6 to me even if both blinds called.Not that important I guess but I'm just sayin'...
  6. No longer works. There were always problems with it - how do you explain being 27, speaking American English and not having a SSN?But now they cross check in almost all if not all states when you try to get a birth certificate.But hey, there are all kinds of books. Check out Loompanics, Paladin Press, etc.Edit: Looks like Loompanics is out of business, but their site http://www.loompanics.com/cgi-local/SoftCa....html?E+scstorehas a pretty complete list of other vendors of books that purport to show you how to get a new identity, avoid taxes, install bugs in houses, make surpressors, set up mai
  7. Huh. I just listened.. He's definitely humble.But I can't really see why he's hateable.I will admit that if he really was doing what he says, the way he says he was doing it, it's on the border of, if not over the border of collusion. I guess in his mind, he stepped back from the precipice by saying "of course, sometimes it was true and sometimes it wasn't." But that stuff about protecting people, I don't know. I can see how the big stack could want certain people in for strategic reasons and play to make that happen and it wouldn't be collusion.Tough call.I wonder if WSOP can investigate that
  8. This is General. If you're in the mood for deep poker thinking, Strat is right down there =>I thought the post was worth a minute to read for amusement. Why lock up something like this?
  9. OK, I will. Uh, do they post here?
  10. Wow. The depth of your lack of knowledge of the law is amazing. No fault there, many people don't have a deep knowledge of the law. However, the majority acknowledge that and don't try running without the ball. I could go on at length about the lawsuit itself. But I'll spare everyone.I'm (obviously) late to this discussion. But I don't see Raymer as the type to use the term "tool" to describe someone, even if his opinion of that person was something which would be described as "tool" by others. It's just not a Raymer word and doesn't ring true. I'd need more evidence he actually typed that.If
  11. That's pretty hilarious that you'd render your legal opinion and be unaware that it's "libel." "Liable" means something slightly different...*sigh* nh
  12. That Liebert picture totally creeps me out.
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